IBM has been around quite a while; over 100 years.  Throughout their lifespan they have been a hardware and software manufacturer, as well as a corporate service provider and consumer electronics manufacturer.  If it has to do with technology, they’ve probably had a role.  I imagine it must be difficult for such a company to frame out and release an app to the public which tries to portray how they Think.  Read on for our comprehensive IBM Think for iPad review.

This app will, well, make you think.  That is its purpose, and it does a great job of it.  How does it accomplish this?  Simple, by hammering you over the head repeatedly with examples of how Seeing, Mapping, Understanding, Believing, and Acting help us understand out world and improve lives around the world. The app is broken out into these sections, and each contains related examples.  On launch, the app recommends you watch a 10 minute HD video.  You can either download this video to your iPad (166MB) or stream it from YouTube.  I highly recommend you do this first in order to understand the aim of the app.

Before we can wonder about something or try to understand it, we are usually first intrigued by seeing it.  IBM is not just talking about seeing lighting and investigating it, they are tackling this subject all the way down to the molecular level.  Diving into the examples is “Where’s Waldo?” type landscape, with certain elements standing out.  If you see them, push them.  Get it?

If you watch the video, you will hear an explanation that just seeing something with your eyes is not quite enough.  We need to map it.  This section is perhaps the most confusing of the app as maps are presented with little to no explanation.  I believe they just wanted to provide examples of maps.

IBM puts Cause and Effect at the center of understanding.  The ultimate goal in understanding is being able to predict the future state of complex systems.  In this section, 8 leaves will provide book like explanations of real world problems solved through understanding and predictive models.

From this page you can hear from multiple world leaders talk on various different topics.  The talks are inspiring and the delivery is flawless.  The leader will appear against the same black background used throughout the app sitting in a chair speaking.  The usual video setup you will see in YouTube or by launching videos in Safari is non-existent here.  It’s literally just a man or woman, in portrait mode, talking on your iPad.

This page provides many examples of how IBM partners with businesses and governments worldwide to create efficiency.  By pressing on a surrounding leaf, a beautiful rendition of the Earth will display.  Dragging along the screen will move the planet to reveal pinpoints.  These pinpoints will pull up articles containing examples of IBM Ingenuity.

If you love to learn, take a chapter from IBM’s knowledge novel and download this app.  Go through it and don’t just learn the content it contains, learn to Think.  Think outside the box.  Think about things you see or those you can’t.  IBM will help you get there with their Think app.  It’s free, professionally made, and chalk full of great content.