I enjoy taking photos, but what I enjoy more is the ability to view my pictures with friends and family. Sure I’ve migrated my dot mac to iCloud and have been enjoying Photostream. That works great and allows for immediate viewing of photos taken on my iPhone. That doesn’t help out with my digital camera, so I enlisted the help of the Eye-Fi Connect. Here’s how you can shoot tethered to a completely wireless iPad, without the need for a WiFi hotspot.

Shoot tethered wireless iPad

This guide requires that you have an Eye-Fi Connect or Eye-Fi Pro, both of which are available at either Amazon or B&H Photo. When you receive your Eye-Fi, the camera card will be inserted into a USB stick. Insert this into your Mac or PC and run the associated software. It will check to see if there are any firewalls and then begin the setup process. You’ll be guided through the process of creating a free account at Eye-Fi.

You’ll need to let Eye-Fi know where you’d like to send your photos and videos. For this tutorial, we selected mobile device, since we want to shoot tethered to the iPad 2.

Shoot wireless to iPad

Next up, you’ll want to download the Eye-Fi app for either iPad or iPhone. It’s available for free in the App Store. Once downloaded and install, select the app and login using the credentials you just created at Eye-Fi.

  • Pair your Eye-Fi card to your iPad or iPhone.
  • Select ‘Yes’ on the Eye-Fi Card Set-up screen.
  • Select ‘Add Network’
  • Select ‘Install’ on the Install Profile screen and then ‘Install Now’
Eye-Fi Profile
  • Select ‘Done’ on the Profile Installed screen
  • Select the Eye-Fye icon on the Added Eye-Fi Direct Mode Network Screen
  • Select ‘Next’ and then ‘Done’

Now, you’ll want to remove the Eye-Fi card from the USB stick and insert it into your digital camera. I tested this using a Nikon D90, but it should work with any digital camera that supports SD cards. Power on the camera and take a photo or two.

On the iPad, go to Settings > WiFi. You don’t have to be in range of a WiFi network. In the list of WiFi networks, you should see Eye-Fi, which is the card we just finished configuring. Select Eye-Fi. (If you don’t see it appear at first, try power-cycling your camera.)

Open up the Eye-Fi app and you should see your existing pictures. At this point, the photos you’ve shot should start to populate on the iPad.

Eye-Fi transfer photos to iPad

Shoot a photo and it will now wirelessly transfer directly to the iPad. There is a drawer at the bottom of the Eye-Fi gallery that you can hide or show the latest photo that either is in the process of transferring or the last photo transferred.

Wireless Tether iPad

It’s relatively easy to set-up an Eye-Fi to enable tethered shooting to a wireless iPad. It makes it easy to enjoy photos on the iPad that you’ve just shot. Happy photo taking.
How to shoot tethered or wirelessly to the iPad is part of our continuing series of iPhone, iPad how-to guides, tips and basics.