Using the iPhone or the iPad, we often find ourselves in a constant state of feeling connected, with the ability to pull up a webpage in a matter of seconds. Whether it’s by using a locally available WiFi network or your carrier, it’s easy to access information from the Internet with just a few taps. However, there are times when you might find yourself in an area with spotty wireless coverage, no access to WiFi, or you might simply be too busy to read an article you’ve found on the Internet. Learn how to use Reading List in Safari and you will never find yourself without great content on your iOS device.

Reading List Safari

On your iPhone, open up Safari and browse to an article of interest. Let’s say that you’re at work, you’ve found something interesting,  but you don’t have time to read it right now. Using Reading List, we’re going to save it for later. At the bottom of your browser window is a blue icon with an up an arrow in the middle. That’s your share button. Tap on the arrow to reveal a number of options within Safari. You’ll want to select Add to Reading List. It’s the icon with the pair of glasses at the bottom left.

Add to reading list

How To Access Your Reading List

It’s later in the day, you’ve left the office and now you would like to read the articles you added to Reading List. Open up Safari and click on the open bookmark icon at the bottom of the window. This will bring up your Safari bookmarks. At the top you’ll notice the ‘Reading List’ icon (see below screeenshot). Tap on it to reveal the articles which you ‘saved for later’ and select an article for reading.

Access Safari reading list

Reading List will save images from an article, so you do not have to be online to see the full content of the article as it was intended by the publisher. If you are in Airplane Mode, you can still access Reading List articles in their entirety.

Tip: Since advertisements are dynamic content that rely on an ad server, you will not see ads when reading an article from Reading List. If you have either a WiFi or cellular connection, Reading List will pull data and show you ads.

Managing Your Reading List

After you’ve accessed an article in Reading List, it will will no longer appear in the ‘Unread’ column. All of your articles will remain in the appropriately titled ‘All’ column until you delete them. To delete an article, swipe your finger to the left over the article to reveal a Delete button. Tap on the Delete button to remove it.

delete reading list

With so much great content online, you might find yourself wishing there was a way to easily access it a later time when you have the time to read an article in its entirety. The Reading List feature does just that. You could always bookmark a page, but that won’t help you if you are in a wireless dead zone or if you’re on a flight. Bookmarks also tend to feel more permanent, where Reading List allows you to read and then discard with a fair amount of ease. There are so many situations that are perfect for using Safari’s Reading List. Next time you see a great article, save it in Reading List. The next time you’ve got free time and no wireless coverage, you’ll have a library filled with great content right within your Safari browser.

Original publish date: February 13, 2013.