Find My iPhone is Apple’s free device tracking software that will run in the background on your iOS device and automatically track its whereabouts. If your device is lost, misplaced, or stolen, you simply have to log into your iCloud account and the location of your device will be displayed on a map. There are also options to put your iPhone in lost mode which locks it, have it play a sound and more. Here’s how to use find my iPhone on a Mac, PC or using the app on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone can also send a message to your device to advise the finders that it is being tracked or just play a loud sound to help you determine under which couch cushion it has slipped this time. If worst comes to worst, you can use Find My iPhone to lock your device with a user-determined four-digit PIN code to render it completely useless to a thief. If your iPhone has fallen into the wrong hands, you can use Find My iPhone to completely and permanently erase all the data on the device to ensure that no sensitive files are seen by prying eyes.

Before you begin, you’ll need to be sure that you have Location Services enabled. To do so, open Settings. Tap on Privacy > Location Services and toggle to ‘On’.

Enable location services

To start using this remarkable and useful software, use your device to setup an iCloud account or login using your existing credentials. Open the Settings app and tap on iCloud. Scroll down and tap on Find My iPhone. Toggle the service to ‘On’.

Find my iPhone enabled

If you should suddenly find your pockets empty and your iOS device missing, use an iPad, iPod touch or iPhone with the Find My iPhone app or find a computer and visit Type in your user name and password and the site will display a list of iOS devices that are registered in your name. Click on the one that you can’t find and the software will be activated. Find My iPhone will begin tracking your device’s location.

Find my iPhone on iCloud

Once the location of your device has been determined, clicking on it should bring up a map with your device’s current location highlighted. A menu will also be available with a list of other actions you can take to help recover your device. These actions include Play Sound, Lost Mode or Erase iPhone. The Play Sound action will still play a loud noise on your iPhone even if the device has been manually set to Silent Mode. If your iPhone is anywhere in your approximate vicinity, use this option, and you will easily be able to locate your phone. Similar functions are available using the free Find My iPhone app, available in the App Store. You can use this with an iOS device to track your device.

Find my iPhone app

If the location of your iPhone is unfamiliar to you, it has probably been picked up by some opportunist. If this is the case, you should first lock it and then send a message to the finder to help encourage him or her to return your device. If you’ve left it behind, tap on the car icon and you’ll jump to Apple’s Maps application, which will provide you with turn-by-turn voice guided driving directions.


This is a great and absolutely free service offered by Apple . I’d encourage everyone to take the time to set it up in the event that any of your valuable Apple products go missing.