Apple today announced a feature that had previously been available on jailbroken iPhones and ahem, Android. Apple now offers access to important features like WiFi, Bluetooth and more. Often referred to as quick toggles, here’s how to use to Control Center on iPhone and iPad in iOS 7.

Control Center

The Control Center can be accessed from anywhere in iOS 7 by simply swiping up. This will reveal an array of options. As you make changes in Control Center, iOS 7 won’t whisk you away into settings. The change is made and you can swipe down to remove Control Center. This is the best of both worlds. Quick access to commonly used settings and apps, while allowing you to quickly get back to browsing in Safari, reading emails in Mail or playing your favorite game. When you swipe up, the new Control Center comes up as a transparent overlay, so you never become disconnected with the app you are working in.

Control Center on iPhone in iOS 7

What can you change with Control Center?
Control Center is a select group of apps, settings and controls that are frequently used by every iPhone owner. They include the following settings:

  • Airport Mode
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Rotation Lock
  • Brightness

Also included are Music player controls. In iOS 6, these were accessible by double-clicking on the home button and swiping right. When accessing Control Center, you can also access AirPlay, the feature that allows you to stream supported audio, video or photos from your iPhone to an Apple TV or AirPlay supported device.

Apple’s iOS 7 also includes support for sharing wirelessly. AirDrop, previously available on OS X, is now available in iOS 7. This allows you to share photos and more, without having to “bump phones”.

Control Center also provides access to frequently used apps. It’s unclear if Apple will allow users to customize the apps. You can access Camera, Flashlight, Timer or Calculator.

This is by far one the best features of iOS 7. Regardless of how you use your iPhone, there is plenty in Control Center for all types of users. In iOS 6, we had quick access to the camera from the lock screen, which was fantastic. Control Center takes that feature and builds upon it. Music is central to most and the previous method made it somewhat hidden. As we get closer to the fall release of iOS 7, here’s hoping we have access to change the list of apps. All in all, Control Center is a feature that people are going to love. iOS 7 will be available this fall.