If you are planning on getting a new Apple TV or had the previous 2nd generation model, one of the best features is the ability to stream content from your iPhone or iPad to your television. Having two or more of these devices offers some added benefits. Here’s how to setup and use Airplay on iPad or iPhone to your Apple TV.

How to AirPlay iPad AppleTV

Airplay set-up
The first thing you’ll want to do is to set-up AirPlay on your Apple TV. To do so, follow these steps:

Go to Settings > AirPlay > Toggle to ‘On’.

Setup AirPlay iPad Apple TV

That’s it. I wish I could tell you there were more involved, but everything on the Apple TV should be working now.

How to stream music from your iPhone to Apple TV
Fire up the Music app on your iPhone and select something rocking. Double-click on the home button and it will reveal the multitasking bar. Swipe right not once, but twice. Here you will find the magical AirPlay menu. Click on the circular icon with the up arrow that appears to the right. Here you can select Apple TV. If all goes well, music will start playing through your television.

AirPlay settings iPhone

Can I stream video from my iPad or iPhone to the Apple TV
You betcha. Using the ‘Videos’ app, open a video and it will auto-play. The familiar AirPlay icon allows you to easily push this content to your TV. Once playing on the big screen, you’ll see a note on your iPhone that the “video is playing on Apple TV”.

Stream video iPad to Apple TV

What else can I stream to my Apple TV?
A good number of video apps will provide you with the ability to stream direct to your television. For example, if you find a good video on YouTube or Vimeo using those applications, the menu to play on your TV is available.

Airplay YouTube to Apple TV

Exceptions to the rule
Not all applications allow you to stream their video using AirPlay. Some media companies are perfectly fine with allowing you to watch their content on your television via your iPad or iPhone. Some, not so much. Applications like HBO Go will work great on your device, but will not stream properly. Developers for those companies specifically code their apps to remove the AirPlay functionality. This is a shame since it’s natural to want to bring this content to the big screen. Cable companies and the like pay top dollar for these channels and then pass that cost along to the consumer. Not saying that I agree with it, but if this were allowed, you could loan your login information to a friend who might want to watch Game of Thrones.

What’s Mirroring and how do I enable it?
With mirroring enabled, you can send everything on your iPhone’s display to your Apple TV. This includes games. If you into gaming, then I’d suggest you try this feature using popular racing titles such as Real Racing 2, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Death Rally or your favorite racer.

Apple TV Mirroring

When Apple introduced AirPlay, it elevated the usefulness of the Apple TV, making it one of the best iPhone accessories you can purchase. For $99, you can stream videos, photos and music to your HDTV.