Are you swimming in an inbox filled with social network notifications, retail offers and assorted email that you never solicited? You are not alone and it’s getting increasingly difficult to manage your inbox. Even worse, it can cause you to miss important emails from friends, family or your boss. Ok, well maybe that least categorization isn’t that important. In all seriousness, cutting the clutter from your inbox is an invaluable tool and there is a built-in feature in iOS 6 to help you do just that. Here’s how to setup VIP in mail on iPhone and iPad.

VIP mail on iPhone, iPad

My friends and site member Sean Wes has a great newsletter where he offers some amazing products using his hand drawn typography. I don’t want to miss his emails, so I’m going to set him up for VIP status.

  1. Open email of person you’d like to set up as a VIP
  2. Tap on their name or the from area of the email
  3. This will bring up their contact card. Tap on Add to VIP.
  4. Select Message to go back.

Add to VIP

Let’s take a look at the email from Sean. Notice there is a star next to his name to reflect his new found VIP status. If you scroll through your list of messages, there will be a star next to any email from.

VIP email in iPhone

If you tap on Mailboxes, you’ll see a VIP mailbox. This mailbox is reserved parking for your inbox. Select VIP and you’ll see the most important messages. If for some reason you need to remove a VIP, simply reverse the process and select ‘Remove from VIP’.

VIPs on iPhone

If you spend a good portion of your day on your Mac, you can also setup VIPs from your Mail account. Click on the send and it will reveal an option for the menu to ‘Add to VIPs’. Oddly enough, while you can make changes to VIP status in Contacts on your iPhone and you can add VIPs with Mail on a Mac, you cannot add a VIP using Contacts on a Mac.

VIP mac mail

Whether you have a hundred emails or thousands, it is entirely too easy for important email to get lost in the mix. Using the VIP feature on your iPhone, iPad and Mac won’t reduce the clutter, but instead help you highlight your most important emails. It’s an invaluable tool that puts us one step closer to effectively managing our inboxes.