If you happen to use Microsoft Exchange email for work, you’ll be happy to know that it works well in iOS. When having multiple email accounts that includes both personal and business email, iOS provides a unified view that allows you to see all of your messages. You can access either by itself to filter your messages. Here’s how to setup Microsoft Exchange on iPhone or iPad.

setup microsoft exchange

Before we start, you are going to need your Exchange credentials.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  2. Select Add Account
  3. Tap on Microsoft Exchange
  4. Enter your full company email address
  5. Enter your password
  6. Type a name for your account, so that you can distinguish it from your personal email.
  7. Tap on ‘Next’

Exchange on iPhone, iPad

iOS will then attempt to complete the setup of your account. If it doesn’t pull the remainder of the necessary information, have not no fear, there are a few additional details needed that are readily available from your companies IT department. Most will provide a document detailing this information, as it pertains to all employees.

You’ll need to configure the following settings:

  • Server: Might be in the form mail.yourcompany.com
  • Domain: yourcompany.com
  • Use SSL: Set to On.

Exchange settings

From here you’ll set your preferences for your Exchange account. In addition to Mail, you can set ActiveSync for Contacts and Calendars. To do so, just toggle the blue switch to ‘On’.

Tip: You might be prompted to setup a passcode, required to check your email, so that your iPhone is secure should it be lost. Be sure to use an easy to remember 4-digit code, as it will be required each time you unlock your iPhone. If at any time you need to change your passcode, it can be done by navigating to Settings > General > Passcode Lock > Change Passcode.

Setting up Microsoft Exchange email with ActiveSync can be an exercise in frustration, often due to the additional information needed to properly configure your account. The best advice is to contact your IT department or check your company Intranet for settings that are specific to your Exchange account. This document is worth having at your disposal. Using our guide above with the proper credentials should allow for a quick and easy setup of Microsoft Exchange on iPhone or iPad .