How to sell your iPad and what it’s worth

The announcement has come and gone, and the new iPad will shortly be upon us. As the most popular tablet ever, the iPad 2 has many consumers that may be looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest model. Some of us (myself included) just can’t resist the allure of the newest gadget to hit the streets. A good way to help make up some of the difference in cost in the new model is to sell your iPad 2, and now is the perfect time to do with these simple tips. Here’s how to sell your iPad and will also include information on what it’s worth.

 how to sell your iPad worth

First, you’ll want to make sure to securely wipe all of your personal info from the device your selling. This can be done in just a couple easy steps right from the device. Simply go to Settings— > General and choose “Reset”. From there, you’ll want to choose “Erase All Content and Settings”. If you have a passcode it will prompt you for it at this point, if not simply click “Erase” and the iPad will take care of the rest. After the process is complete turn on your iPad to make sure it has been properly reset, and you’re ready for the next step.

Selling your iPad on Craigslist or eBay
Now that we’re passed the easy part, it’s time to actually put your iPad 2 in to the world to be sold. There are always the typical options such eBay and craigslist,  but unfortunately many consumers may be put off from those two options because of the uncertainty that can come along with them. As someone that has sold many electronic devices second hand, I can personally attest to the fact that it can be very hard to not only find a buyer, but keep them interested long enough to actually complete the sale.

Instant Sale by eBay
eBay does offer a service called Instant Sale. You provide information on the model number, features and they provide you with a quote. Accept the offer and you are required to use the supplied shipping label to send it to them.

Trade-In Programs
Fortunately, there are alternative routes if you’d prefer a more guaranteed method. Even with the release of the new iPad, time has shown that the iPad 2 will still be in demand in the second hand market, and there are many reputable sites that would be happy to take them off your hands for you. Amazon has a trade in program for most makes and models. They offer anywhere between $300-$470 based on capacity and condition. Best Buy offers a similar program with prices ranging from $200-$300, once again based on capacity and condition and they conveniently provide estimates based on condition right on the model page.

It is worth noting that both the Amazon and Best Buy trade-in programs pay you via gift cards for the respective companies, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You can use the gift cards to purchase a new iPad from either retailer or use it for accessories.

An easy way to sell your iPad or pretty much any sort of electronics is to use Gazelle. They will provide you with a quote based on the condition of your iPad and the model. They will cover the cost of shipping by providing you with a mailing label. Pack up your iPad and simply drop it as the Post Office. In some cases, Gazelle will provide you with a box. When Gazelle receives your shipment, they will have a trained employee confirm that your iPad meets the criteria – if it’s in the same condition you attested to when committing to sell to them, you’ll receive payment within a matter of days.

sell your iPad

Similar to Gazelle in how the process works, NextWorth will also purchase your device. While Gazelle asks a more general line of questioning regarding the condition of your iPad, NextWorth asks ten questions. This is likely to better gauge the condition.

Worth iPad 2

Our Forums
The iPad forums at everythingiCafe offer a free Marketplace where you can list your iPad. Please note that we do not monitor, nor are we responsible for deals that go bad. It’s always a good idea to use a service like PayPal and to deal with members who have a history on the web site.

What’s my iPad 2 or iPad 1 worth?
We broke down two of services and created this chart on what you can expect to get for your respective iPad 2 or iPad 1. These prices were based on the product being in excellent condition, meaning no scratches, dents or dings. These are subject to change and will most certainly fluctuate.

What's my iPad worth

These are only a few of the many options out there for reselling and trading in your iPad, and whichever you choose we simply urge you use caution and take a look around for yourself to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. At the time of writing, that seems to be eBay’s Instant Sale program.

So, is the new iPad enough for you? Is it time for an upgrade? And if so, what’s your preferred method of reselling? Sound off in the comments below!

  • KrakaJap

    Word of mouth. Sold mine in a day for $550. (32gb GSM black)

  • fboyles

    I sold my iPad 2 last night for $425. That included a smart cover, generic aluminum keyboard case, freebie back case protector, and all the original packing for everything. It was listed on CL for 14hrs. I think I did pretty well. The biggest thing hurting the used iPad 2 market is that you can buy a brand new iPad 2 from Apple for $399 and $360 at Micro Center.

  • Phil DeLong

    Agreed, companies have quickly learned the power of the secondhand market and are now getting more aggressive at trying to under cut it.

  • Krunk83

    Ipad 2 wifi only 16gb black. Just sold it on eBay for $375.

  • seanwes

    Sold White iPad 2 Wifi 32GB for $450 on Craigslist. :)