Perhaps you battled the elements on an early morning Apple Store line or waited patiently for the Fedex driver, you successfully acquired an iPad 3. Today being the first day after launch, most have had a sufficient amount of time to spend with their new iPad. You’ve downloaded the apps that support the retina display graphics, performed 4G LTE speed tests and just spent time enjoying your new purchase. For some of you who upgraded from the an iPad 2, a device that is still lighter and thinner than the new iPad, you might find the upgrade to be more evolutionary than resolutionary. Technology is not a one size fits all, so there is absolutely no shame in deciding to push your upgrade to the iPad (fourth generation). If you find yourself with buyers remorse, here’s how to return an iPad.

How to return an iPad

You purchased from an Apple Store or from Apple online
Regardless of how you purchased it from Apple, their return policy offers you two methods of return. You can ship your item back to Apple or bring it to any Apple Store. If you received your item on Friday, March 16th, you have until March 30th to return your iPad.

How long do I have to return an iPad?
You have 14 days from when you purchased and received the item. Let’s say you ordered online, the 14 days starts from the day you received your device.

What if it’s been opened?
Not a problem. Apple’s return policy does not specify anything specific to opened items, other than software.

Is there a restocking fee?
No, you’ll receive a full credit.

How do I ship it back to Apple?
Visit your online status on Apple using your Apple ID and password to login. Under ‘Your Orders’, select ‘Return Items’ at the top of your order. You’ll be able to print out an address label that you can affix to the box it was shipped in and simply drop it off with the carrier. In most cases, this is the carrier who delivered it originally, which in my case was FedEx.

Other Major Retailers
Best Buy
They offer customers a full 30 days to return an item. This gets extended to 45 days if you are a Reward Zone Premier member.

According to their policy online, ‘e-tablets’ fall under the 15 day return policy and must be accompanied by a receipt. They will accept a return without a receipt, but you will get a gift card instead of cash back and most likely doesn’t apply to open merchandise.

Returning your iPad (2012) to any of the above retailers is very straightforward as long as you are within the allotted timeframe allowed for returns. Parting can be such sweet sorrow, but not every technology purchase is going work out. Apple’s biggest threat to the iPad 3 is the iPad 2. If the incremental change isn’t enough to spend upwards of $50 0 on a new device, then take this easy steps to return your iPad. There will always be another time to jump in the retina display pool, but that 15-day return windows is something you cannot get back on day 16.