How to restore an iPhone without passcode

I recently lent an older iPhone 4 to a family member. They’ve since upgraded to an iPhone 5 and returned my older iPhone. With it returning to home base, I planned to restore it, clean it up and perhaps sell it. When booting up initially, I received a warning in iTunes that it could not be accessed due to a passcode. Now I could have phoned my niece, but remembered there is an easy way to restore an iPhone without a passcode. So whether you’ve lost or forgot your iPhone passcode, there is an easy way to reset it.
restore iPhone without passcode

Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC using the included USB cable.

    1. Press and hold the sleep/wake – power button at the top of your iPhone
    2. You’ll have the option to Slide to power off and you’ll want to do just that.
    3. Release the sleep/wake button
    4. Immediately press and hold the home button

In a matter of seconds, you should see this screen on your iPhone prompting you to connect to iTunes.

With iTunes open on your computer, you’ll see a message stating, “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes”.

iPhone recovery mode

If and when you press ‘Ok’, you’ll find yourself back in iTunes with an option to Restore iPhone. If you click on this button, iTunes will restore this iPhone to its factory state. You’ll be forewarned of the following:

Are you sure you want to restore the iPhone to its factory settings? All of your media and data will be erased, and the newest version of the iPhone software will be installed.

To proceed, select Restore and Upgrade. Upon completion, you can enter your iCloud and Apple ID credentials during the initial iPhone setup process.

There are many reasons why you might need to restore an iPhone that is protected by a passcode. Follow these easy steps to restore your iPhone. If you are forgetful, remember to use a passcode that’s easy to remember, but unique enough that it won’t be easily guessed should your iPhone fall into the wrong hands. And next time you lend out an iPhone, be sure to ask them to restore it before returning it locked.

  • rob

    well i’ve tried do all this to do factory reset for 4s and it just loads up as was before and no reset etc so cant delete files either as not show x when press files ???

  • rob

    my iphone does not restore at all as stays on screen with cable to itunes symbols and not do anything

  • Marie

    I’m trying to have the link to authorize my email set by text and can’t fiqure out how to do it eany suggestions I’m getting depressed