Apple’s Visual Voicemail will allow playback of messages directly on your iPhone, so there is no dialing into your wireless carrier and entering a password. Your voicemail does have a password associated with it. You might have set one up initially or it was set up by your carrier. Since you are not asked for it to retrieve messages, it’s easily forgotten. If you restore your iPhone, you might be prompted to enter this password, leaving you locked out of your voicemail. Here’s how to reset the voicemail password on your iPhone, allowing you to then change it to something memorable.

Reset voicemail password on iPhone

There are a number of methods that you can use to reset your Visual Voicemail password. This assumes you don’t know your current password. All major carriers including AT&T, Verizon and Sprint allow you to reset your password by calling 611 and following the prompts. You’ll be asked to confirm information about your account. You’ll receive a temporary password, which should come by a free text message.

The following are carrier specific methods to reset your voicemail password.

In addition to 611, you can also reset your voicemail password by logging into your account and accessing the Reset Voicemail Password page. You can also download the free myAT&T app from the App Store. In addition to some useful features that include data usage tracking and bill pay, you can reset your voicemail password in 2 clicks.

Reset AT&T voicemail password

Like AT&T, customers can use the My Verizon Mobile app to reset their password. You can also visit the My Verizon section of their website and select ‘Reset Voice Mail Password’ from the My Device menu. You’ll need your wireless number and the account password.

my Verizon password

For Sprint customers, visit the My Sprint site. Login with your username and password. Visit the My Preferences tab and select Change Voicemail Passcode under the Things I can manage online tab. The Sprint Zone app doesn’t have a specific reset feature, instead offering you a quick way to access the website.

How to change voicemail password on iPhone

While the above process is great for reseting your password, moving forward you should change it to something you’ll remember.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Phone
  2. Tap on ‘Change Voicemail Password
  3. Enter your existing password and select ‘Done
  4. Enter your new password and select ‘Done
  5. Repeat step 4.

Your iPhone start saving the password and return you back to the Phone settings when it completes.

When you reset your iPhone, you might be repeatedly asked for your iPhone password. Using the tips above, you can easily reset by dialing 611, visiting your carrier’s website or accessing the option through their iPhone app. Having your carrier’s app on your iPhone is helpful for a number of reasons, including the ability to track your data and even pay your bill.