The combined efforts of the iPhone Dev Team, pod2G and the Chronic Dev Team have released Absinthe, which is an untethered jailbreak for both the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. The software tool is currently for OS X, but a Windows version will be available shortly. Follow our guide, which according to our estimates, takes about 15 minutes to complete an untethered jailbreak your iPhone 4S.

Untethered jailbreak iPhone 4S

  1. You’ll need to download Absinthe from Greenpois0n.
  2. Uncompress and run ‘Absinthe’
  3. Connect your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 via USB. If iTunes or iPhone launches, you’ll want to quit those applications.
  4. Select ‘Jailbreak’, which is the only option within ‘Absinthe’
  5. Your iPhone will enter a restore process and reboot. This is completely normal. Do not touch your iPhone until Absinthe completes the process.
  6. When completed, Absinthe will prompt you to ‘Slide to unlock’ and launch Absinthe.
  7. If all goes well, your iPhone 4S will reboot and the Absinthe icon will be replaced by Cydia. When launching Absinthe, you might see “Error establishing database connection”. In that case, continue to on to step 8.
  8. Go to Settings > Network > VPN > Select On (you might need to do this twice). Your iPhone will reboot and Cydia will replace the Absinthe icon.

That’s it. This was a relatively easy and painless process. The above guide was written using Absinthe for Mac OS X. As of the time of writing, a Windows version was not available, but expect the process to be the same when that tool becomes available. If you have questions, let us know in the comments or in our jailbreak forums.

Note: While these jailbreaks are typically tested by the developers, they can cause problems. is in no way responsible for your device should things go awry. You should always make a suitable back-up and understand the risks when undertaking any sort of modifications to your iPhone.