The new Google Maps is fantastic, but there’s plenty to be said for the deep integration of Maps within iOS. Is incredibly easy to ask Siri to find directions to a contact or location and within seconds you’re navigating using Maps. If you personal preference is to use the Google Maps over Apple’s Maps, then you can get Siri to use Google Maps for directions and here’s how.

Get Siri to use Google Maps for directions

Normally, you’d request Siri to “get directions to {insert contact name} or a location”. This would launch Maps and then selecting the car icon puts in turn by turn navigation. If you’d like Siri to utilize Google Maps, there is an incredibly easy workaround, thanks to ModMyi.

“Get directions to {insert contact name} via transit.”

“Get directions to location via transit.”

get siri to use google maps for directions

Siri will then provide a list of routing apps installed on your iPhone or available in the App Store. If you have Google Maps installed (which you should because it’s free and awesome), just select the app. Google Maps will launch and in most cases provide you with alternate routes. In my tests, they were all by car. Your mileage, literally, may vary. I haven’t tested in city locations where mass transit may cause Google Maps to change the default mapping.

Google Maps options

Tap on you preferred option and click Start.

Google Maps Navigation

This is one less hurdle to using Google Maps, a great alternative for turn-by-turn navigation on your iPhone.