On the iPhone, you can send messages via SMS or by using iMessage. The latter only works if you the recipient has an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Mac. SMS messaging requires you have a messaging plan with your carrier and in some cases, it can be a pay per message charge. Not only is it free, but with this quick tip, you can also setup your iPhone to get read receipts in iMessage.

Read receipts iMessage

When setting up iMessage, you have an option to ‘Send Read Receipts’. Basically, this allows others to receive a message when you have read their message. You can effectively control read receipts as they related to you and when you are reading messages. You can turn this on or off with ease and here’s how:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Messages
  2. Toggle ‘Send Read Reciepts’ to On/Off

read receipts imessage

If you’d like to know when your friends or family have read your messages, you’ll need them to change the settings on their end to ‘On’. If you look at the screen shot, you’ll see just below the first message where it shows the message read and at what time. Notice the difference with the message below it, where it’s only showing as Delivered.

Message delivered confirmation iPhone

Setting up read receipts in iMessage enables you to show other users when you’ve read their messages. Be careful when turning this on as it could be the cause for friction. Let’s say a friend sends a message and asks you to reply. If they see you’ve read the message, but didn’t take the time to reply, they might take offense.