The brushback to Apple’s decision to take over the Maps application has left many of users longing for Google Maps. Apple’s own app has come under fire due to its lack of quality mapping data. There have been Tumblr sites created for the sole purpose of showcasing how some locations are completely off the mark. If you rely on your iPhone to get you places, this move is no doubt unsettling. Google should be working on a replacement app, but it’s still unclear as to when or if the app will become available in the App Store. While it’s not as elegant as a native app, you can add a shortcut to the application on your home screen. Here’s how to add Google Maps back on your iPhone in iOS 6.

Google Maps iOS 6

Open Safari and navigate to

  • You should receive a prompt to allow Google Maps to use your current location. Select ‘OK’.
    Google Maps
  • At the bottom, click on the arrow icon.
    Add Google Maps iOS 6
  • Select the option to ‘Add to Homescreen’
  • That’s it, you can gain easy access to Google Maps on your iPhone.

Google Maps on Safari will provide you with the same reliable mapping data you’ve come to expect and found missing within iOS 6. The speed and accessibility will not be on par with a native application, but at least you have options. The hope here is that Apple starts to improve upon their app, but that will take time. In addition to Google, there are a number of good map apps in the App Store. Waze is crowdsourcing app that will help you avoid traffic and it’s completely free. A paid alternative is Navigon, which is now owned by Garmin, a well recognized and trusted name in GPS navigation. For now, Google’s Android platform is the only place you can get this app. Score one for Android. It’s like we are back in the pre-App Store world of apps, but let’s hope it’s not for long.