How to fix WiFi problem in iOS 6

Are you having trouble connecting to WiFi after updating to iOS 6? You are not alone. We’re seeing reports in our forums and on Apple’s forums. When attempting to access a webpage in Safari, your iOS device would attempt to access an page that does not exist. It’s still unclear as to what’s causing the bug, but a good number of folks are prescribing this tip for how to fix WiFi problem in iOS 6.

fix Wifi problem in iOS 6

Update: According to @tylerc, iOS checks the following page on Apple’s site to see if WiFi requires login. The page was drawing a 404-not found, thus resulting in the error. With the page now working, the issue should be resolved

Settings > Wi-Fi > (Network…) > “Blue Circle Arrow”

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and set:

HTTP Proxy to Auto

Having the issue? Does this fix work for you? Let us know in the comments or in the associated forum thread.

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  1. KirkRock says

    LOL, you call that a fix Chris? I mean, it probably works but now Apple is collecting all of your web activity on their proxy servers. Privacy FAIL!

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