Just a few days, we provided readers with a guide on how to delete apps on the iPhone. One of our readers commented that it still leaves an orphaned app sitting in iTunes. In the case of paid apps and apps that you might not use frequently, this makes sense. At any time, you can always select an option to reinstall. But as our astute reader points out, what about apps that just didn’t work out. Either they didn’t work as advertised or maybe you had updated to a full version. Having this stable of apps that you’ll never use sitting in iTunes causes clutter and makes it more difficult to organize your apps. There is a way to remove them from your Mac or PC. Follow these easy steps for how to delete apps from iTunes.

Open iTunes. At the top left of your window, make sure the drop down menu is set to Apps. You should now see all of your apps in icon form. The tabs below the player window allow you to switch into List view as seen below. Whatever works best for you will do fine.

delete apps in iTunes

Select one or more apps. To select more than one app, use command-click. Once you’ve completed your list, review to make sure the list is correct. PC users will want to right click and select ‘Delete’. Mac users will use control-click.


iTunes will bring up the following dialog box which warns, “Are you sure you want to delete the selected app from your iTunes library?” It’s important to know that deleting this from iTunes, also means it will delete it from any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that synchronizes with the current iTunes library. Select Delete App to finish the job.

While deleting apps from your iPhone is handy for freeing up storage and those situations where you cannot wait to remove an app that just didn’t work out. Leaving the orphaned file in iTunes can build up quite a collection of apps that you’ll never use. This affects the storage on your computer and more importantly, the ability to scan and organize your apps.

How many apps are in your iTunes library that aren’t used?