No one likes tax season. Those of you receiving a check back from Uncle Sam might be the exception, but I’m not so sure given all the paperwork and deadlines associated with filing. Now that April 15th has passed, some are asking, “Where’s my money?” Here’s how to check the status of your tax refund using your iPhone.

check status of tax refund on iPhone

You’ve sent in your return and eagerly awaiting your refund, so you can go out and get your spend on. First things first, you’ll need to download IRS2Go from the App Store. It is the official app form the Internal Revenue Service.

  1. Launch the app and select ‘Get Your Refund Status’
  2. Enter your social security number, filing status (single, married, etc.) and the amount of your refund as it appears on your U.S. Individual Tax Return.
  3. Tap on ‘Get Status >>’

check status return iphone

If you entered the information correctly, the IRS will send you back information on whether they received your tax return and expectations on when you can receive your refund. I should warn you that the IRS does not provide specifics on your return. For example, you won’t get a notification of a specific date. They will tell you the status, which includes whether it has been processed.

I’ll say it again, no one likes tax season. Tax returns are a different story and with your iPhone, it’s easy to find out the status of your return. Now comes the tough part, do you part with that cash on a new iPhone or iPad or wait for the next big thing from Apple?