How Apple might build a 4-inch display for the new iPhone

Since it’s inception, one thing that has not changed on the iPhone has been the 3.5 inch display. It’s been upgraded to a retina display with the iPhone 4, but the physical dimensions of the screen have remained the same. This at a time when competing phones are coming out with a variety of larger and in some cases, absolutely ginormous displays. Some of these phones compromise the quality of the display by reducing the PPI or pixels per inch. Many have pondered how Apple would handle the resolution, if they were to offer a 4-inch or larger display. An incredibly well-written first post in The Verge forums offers some insight as to how Apple might build a 4-inch display without any compromise. The post was based on idea floated by Colin, a caller to a recent Verge podcast.

4-inch new iPhone

The iPhone has a ratio of 3:2. If they keep that ratio and move to a 4-inch display, the PPI gets reduced to 288. Apple deems a pixel ratio of 300 to be a retina display. You cannot undo years of marketing simply to accommodate a larger display. The thought process put forth by this caller is to change the aspect ratio to 9:5. This would result in 640 pixels wide by 1152 pixels in height. The result is an interface and apps that are taller then the current display. Apple would have to provide tools in iOS 6, but this would allow for a 4-inch display without losing the retina quality.

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber weighed in on this theory saying,

Methinks “Colin” wasn’t merely guessing or idly speculating.

Sounds like there are some legs to this story.

Apple hasn’t changed the size of the display in 5 years. Big changes like this don’t come often.┬áIf and when this happens, I’d venture to guess that Apple will re-imagine the physical appearance of the new iPhone.

How about you? Are you ready for a bigger display?

Source: The Verge

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