Homescreen Web Apps Throttled in iOS 4.3?

It appears that there’s a bug in iOS 4.3 where web apps saved to the homescreen run slower than those accessed through Safari. Say what? This was uncovered by the Register (who are generally anti-Apple, but nonetheless have an excellent technical reputation) and it appears that if you save a web app to your homescreen and then launch it, iOS 4.3′s nifty new Nitro engine doesn’t kick in — but it does if you navigate to the app through Safari. This means that apps that you’ve saved to your homescreen for easy access (see the Everything iCafe web app) won’t run Java as fast.

There are other bugs hitting the saved apps, too:

What’s more, such “home screen web apps” can’t use various web caching systems, including the HTML5 Application Cache, which means they can’t be cached to run offline. And they aren’t rendered using Apple’s newer “asynchronous mode”. They’re saddled with the old “synchronous mode”, which means means they don’t quite look as good.

Despite The Register’s insistence that this is a conspiracy by Apple, at this point I’m far more willing to call it a bug, and wait to see if Apple fixes it promptly.

  • Barry

    Chronic pointed this out a couple of days ago. A web app when saved to the spring board uses a different app to access and run it. It does not use but rather There seems to be a permission issue. Whether it is an overlook on apple’s part or intended is up for debate.