Homerun Battle has been around for quite some time as a fun way to pass some time and play some iOS Baseball.  As a fan of the original, I was pretty excited when the second game in the series was released on Jan 18.  Com2Us are the creators of this game, and others like Slice It and Tower Defense: Lost Earth.  Read on for a full Homerun Battle 2 for iPad review after the break.

Homerun Battle 2 is a universal app for both iPhone or iPad, though the iPad experience is a bit more fun due to the larger screen size.

If you are an existing Homerun Battler, you can login with your username and password in Homerun Battle 2.  As a reward, you get a free uniform.  If not, you can create an account easily from the main screen.  From there you can choose to Play Multi-player or Single-player.  Each has 3 modes – 2 new modes in each for this installment.  Single Player allows the well known Arcade mode, but also Burning and Training modes.  Burning mode is a nonstop bombardment of pitches wherein if you continue to hit them (homeruns preferably), everything goes on fire as you hold the streak.  Training mode allows you to choose your pitcher in order to get better at hitting their pitches.  Multi-player has the original Duel mode which is 1v1.

There are also Survival and Mission modes.  Survival is 1v1 but unlike Duel where you must fill up your point bar first, you must not allow your point bar to diminish first.  Mission mode is my personal favorite.  Four players battle together towards a mission given by the game.  Something such as, first to 4 homeruns right.  Or first to 2 Pole hits.  This allows for a very fun method of play where you compete against more than just one player.

The actual gameplay is simple.  The accellerometer in the iPad/iPhone drives a white oblong shape inside the batting box.  Tap the screen when the ball is aligned on the largest part of the shape and wala, homerun.  If the ball is hit early, it soars to left field.  Late and it soars to right field.

Rewards/In-App Purchases
Goldballs and Stars are the currency of Homerun Battle 2.  You earn them by winning missions, or hitting homeruns from thrown goldballs.  Alternatively, they can be purchased in-app ranging from 300 stars for $2.99 to 3900 stars for $29.99.  Goldballs are also purchased from Stars.  1000 stars is 10,000 gold balls.  So what can you buy with all of this? Upgrades.  You can upgrade your characters, bats, shoes, hat, shirt, pants, etc.  You can also buy package deals.  However, this stuff is expensive.  A basic package is 3800 goldballs.  For any kind of decent package, your looking at around $5.

Device Experience
Whether played on the iPhone or iPad, this game does not fail to disappoint.  The graphics are done thoughtfully and look nice on both devices.  Like many other games, this can be played across devices, so iPad to iPhoneBecause your account information is logged into the games system, you can start on one device, and pickup on another.

I have found this to be a blissfully simple and entertaining game.  I would like to see Facebook integration added at some point but besides that small request, the game is pretty much designed completely in line with what someone would expect from an iOS baseball game.

Homerun Battle 2 retails for $4.99 and is available in the App Store.