Apple’s iTunes Store Now Allows Gifting From iBooks Store

Just in time for the holidays, Apple has expanded ‘gifting’ to include iBooks from the iBooks Store Gifting from the iTunes Store has previously been limited to music, movies and apps. It’s expected that 2013 will be an iPad Christmas, so it would make sense that a number of folks would like to gift books to loved ones. The iPad, in particular those with retina displays, offer super-sharp text which translates to making them good reading devices. If you have someone close to you who loves reading and has an iPad, now you can digitally send them an iBook. Here are all the details relevant to¬†gifting from the iBooks Store.

How to gift an iBook

The process for gifting an iBook is no different from other sections of the iTunes Store. From within iTunes, select the Books tab to enter the iBook Store. Browse and find the ebook you’d like to gift. Next to the buy button is an arrow. Click on the arrow and select the option to ‘Gift This Book’. Enter the email address of the recipient, your name and a gift message. Apple allows up to 200 characters for your message. If you want the gift to arrive on a specific day, say Christmas, you can set that as an option. iTunes allows you to send immediately or on a given day, within 90 days. The final step is to ‘gift wrap’ the iBook by selecting one of ten themes.

Gift This Book

Send iTunes Gift

I had always assumed this was available. In any event, this is as good a time as any to get gifting happening in the iBooks Store. As a reminder, those who are getting their first iPad will need to download the iBooks app from the App Store.

Source: Macworld

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