Camera technology has come quiet a long way.  The camera inside the newer iPhones is superb for its extremely compact nature.  So too are the photos it takes, allowing for crystal clear text.  With great hardware capability, it’s only natural progression to see a flood of apps being created to take advantage.  Genius Scan does just that.  This app will convert your paper documents to PDF using the iPhone’s camera and some savvy enhancement algorithms. To learn more how this gets done, read on for our full Genius Scan for iPhone review.

Using Genius Scan
Creating multi-page .pdf documents are no problem with Genius Scan. The process is fast and painless, with the app automatically finding the borders of your documenting and almost always correctly processing the image.

Processing includes such tasks as cropping, rotating, and adjusting colors either to a clearer color version or black and white.  These auto processing decisions can be overwritten, though there will be few circumstances where that will be needed.  Once an image is processed, saving and adding a new page is a breeze.  The file sizes when completed and sending an email are reasonable and adjustable.

Personalization Options
You have the ability to disable the Auto Enhancements or change its behavior to always make the images color, or black and white.  Paper size options and Page orientation are also available for the user to choose.  A welcomed feature is the ability to have a default set of recipients for your pdfs, including the To: CC: and Bcc: fields. Uploading documents to Twitter and Facebook are also options.

To Upgrade or not to Upgrade
The ability to upgrade to Genius Scan+ is available from the settings menu.  This upgrade luckily does not provide access to things like unlimited pages or watermark removal.  Those are included in the free version – rather the + version of the app will enable Printing with AirPrint and uploading to multiple other online storage locations like, Dropbox, Evernote, Expensify, and Google Documents.  Since email works just fine for my purposes, the $2.99 is not necessary.  Oh, ads will also be removed in the upgrade.

With fax machines on the cusp of extinction and emailed versions of documents pretty ubiquitous, iPhone users may find themselves with a need to get documents into PDF form without the use of a scanning machine. While Genius Scan is not actually scanning anything, but rather taking a photo and scanning post capture, the resulting .pdf document works the same.  A free solution to a potentially expensive situation is fine by me – 10/10!