Have you had issues with applications misbehaving in iOS 8? You’re not alone. Apple has continued to release software updates to remedy issues with iOS, with the last few releases including numerous bug fixes. It doesn’t seem as if its been enough to bring the stability of previous releases. If you’ve experienced problems with apps that lock up or buggy, you can force quit apps in iOS 8.

Apps crash

Force Quit Apps on iOS 7 or iOS 8

If you are within an app that has crashed and does not respond to touch, take the following steps to force quit the offending app.

  • Double-click on the home button to engage the multi-tasking window
  • Using your finger, tap on the offending app, hold and swipe up.

Force quit apps in iOS 7

You’ve successfully quit the app.

These problems seem to extend beyond third party apps. I’ve experienced a number of issues with Safari locking up, with the touchscreen becoming non-responsive to touch. After force quitting an app in iOS 7, you can safely start the app again. If the problems persists, you should consider powering down your iPhone or iPad. If these issues are consistent with an application, I’d encourage you to reach out to the developer in addition to posting in our forums.

If your iOS device has not been experiencing problems, there is no benefit to quitting apps. The number of apps you have running do not adversely affect performance. The only caveat being apps that utilize ‘background app refresh’. While they don’t affect performance, they can impact battery life in iOS 7.

Have you had problems with apps behaving badly in iOS 7? Have you had to kill apps in iOS 7? Let us know in the comments.