The Food Network is an immensely popular channel these days.  In an attempt to extend their reach into the mobile world, they have created the On The Road App.  This app will allow you to create Road Trips based on Food Spots, or choose Food Spots based on Road Trips.  Join us as we take you through this food lover’s app in our Food Network: On The Road App for iPad review.

The First Launch
After a quick animation, and instruction screen, you will be presented with a few pictures of restaurants virtually pinned on the screen.  This entire screen is scrollable, and the related restaurants are actually organized by TV shows.  This means the app presents you with featured restaurants from their programming as options to add into a road trip. Other options present themselves along top of the app including; Nearby, Find, My Road Trips, and More.  A search bar is located along the top right to allow searching by name.

Creating A Road Trip
The bottom of the app says ‘My Road Trips.’  Holding on a restaurant, regardless of from where in the app, and dragging it over this area will enlarge the section to allow you to drop within.  The first restaurant you drop will prompt you to name your Road Trip followed by a presentation of options to enable Facebook and/or Twitter.  This action will create a folder with the name you gave to which subsequent restaurants can be added.  Alternatively, a favorite’s folder is present for you to drag restaurants into.

Nearby and Find
The nearby option is pretty cool as it will show restaurants nearby to your current location that were featured on a Food Network Program.  Not only that, but the program name will be listed alongside the Restaurant’s name.  If you press on the restaurant, a full detailed information page will show.  From here you can see where it was featured (and by who), photos (if any exist), and a description.  A map section will help you get directions and a phone number and website are listed.  You can add the restaurants to you favorites or a road trip with one press of a button.

The Find page will allow you to search for restaurants by City, Chef, Show, Cuisine, FN’s City Guides, FN’s Road Trips, FN’s Best Ofs, and All Restaurants.  Arriving at a restaurant will display the same screen displayed above.

My Road Trips and More
The Road Trips page will simply show your road trips in a full screen mode instead of the cramped one explained earlier in the article (on the bottom).  The really cool part of this is that it will pin each restaurant on a map and allow you to order them 1 through however many you have.  You can create your road trip in a fashion that makes the most sense from here.

The More page will allow you to do the following: Share Settings, My Badges, My Photos, About, FAQ, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use. The Share settings allow you to sign in with Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare.  My Badges will show virtual (non monetary) awards you earn while using the app.

If you are planning on traveling across country and are a fan of food (whose not?), I highly recommend you build a road trip through the Food Network: On The Road app.  Some of the tastiest and most famous restaurants for everything from best in class to interesting platters are listed within this app.  I found it to be a very well designed and useful app.