Flipboard, the app which creates a magazine from your aggregated feeds, is out with a major new release. Version 2.0 makes things more personal, offering users the ability to create and share their own magazines created using Flipboard. Is Flipboard quickly becoming the go-to app for your news and social interactions. Read on for our full Flipboard 2.0 review.

Flipboard 2.0 Review

As with previous iterations, Flipboard initially presents you with a select group of popular destinations on the web based on category. For example, you can browse Tech & Science and dig further to reveal the latest Apple News. Subscribing to this or any section brings your content to the Cover Stories, which you can think of as the home screen of Flipboard. If you have used Flipboard in the past, these should all be familiar features. The minimal layout of the Cover Stories page also allows for a quick edit to remove stories or categories that are not delivering your preferred news content.

It doesn’t end with news. Tapping on the bright red bookmark icon that cannot be missed, Flipboard offers options to tap into a vast array of social networks that include:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Google Reader
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Flickr
  • Tumblr
  • 500px
  • Sina Weibo
  • Renren
  • SoundCloud
  • YouTube
  • New Your Times

Flipboard accounts

As you provide Flipboard with your credentials for any or all of these sites and services, the app immediately expands upon its functionality offering a high level of personalization. What’s unique about Flipboard is its uncanny ability to digest these feeds of information and present them in a beautiful and easy to navigate interface. While the set up of the various accounts can be a bit daunting, in the end it helps deliver a drastically improved Flipboard experience. The choices in their recommended section can be limited, but adding Google Reader (until it meets its untimely death), quickly transformed the content being served up in Flipboard. It’s still far from perfect, as sites that don’t curate all of their content (with some pushing long-form ads), get a prominent position within Flipboard, whereas in Reader’s spreadsheet-like format I can easily ignore that content with ease.

Most will use the familiar social network logins that include Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Spending years digesting content through the web, it takes some time to get used to using a magazine style layout with your social networks. Flipboard can in theory become your one stop app for social and news, which is impressive.

Customize Flipboard

As you start to build your Cover Stories, they will flow over to a page 2. If you press and hold a section, you can reorder and categorize your most important sources. News and social that matters most can easily be put at the front of the line in Flipboard.

As mentioned, the most intriguing part of Flipboard is the addition of creating your own personal Flipboard magazines. You become the curator of content. This is done by selecting the ‘+’ sign as you browse content within Flipboard. The concept is fantastic, but entirely too limiting. For example, let’s say that as the owner of this fabulous website, I wanted to create a magazine of how-to guides. The app doesn’t provide any guidance on how to add content outside of the suggested sources and social networks. Using the Flipboard Bookmarklet, this can be achieved using Safair.

create custom magazines

All of these features get wrapped up quite nicely into an interface that is pleasure to use. Tested on an iPad 4, the typography was crisp, imagery was vivid and the overall experience was super fast.


  • Beautiful looking application
  • Easy and fast navigation
  • Easy to create and share content with new magazine feature
  • Vast array of support for networks to extend personalization


  • Still heavily relies on recommended publishers to curate content

Flipboard 2.0 continues to excel at bringing content from a variety of sources that include news, social media and presents in a beautiful and incredibly useful format. The app is free for both iPhone and iPad. Spending just 5 minutes customizing your Flipboard will pay off each time you use the app, as it will for the most part deliver content that matters most to you. The only improvement we could find would be the addition of a certain website to their recommended list.

Flipboard is available for free for both iPhone and iPad.

Our comprehensive Flipboard 2.0 review looks at the new features and improvements in the unique news magazine creation app.
Flipboard 2.0
Date Published: 03/27/2013
Flipboard 2.0 continues to excel at bringing content from a variety of sources that include news, social media and presents in a beautiful and incredibly useful format.
8 / 10 stars