Flight Control Rocket is among the first group of games with support for the New iPad’s Retina display.  I expect this category to expand – fast.  Adding on to the idea of the original Flight Control Game, this version twists that one into a Sci-Fi experience with beautiful graphics, but a bit of an annoying set of somewhat necessary in-app purchases.  Continue reading for our comprehensive Flight Control Rocket review for the iPhone and iPad.


This is a Firemint EA Game and it hooks up to Game Center as well as your EA account.  If you don’t have one, you can create one from within the game.  It also conencts to Facebook, Twitter, Origin, and Contacts in order to help you find friends.  There isn’t much to setup after simply logging in.

The objective is to guide different colored rockets into a larger ship’s color coded landing dock locations.  You set the paths for the incoming rockets to follow.  While this is a little repetitive, the different speeds of the ships make it challenging and addictive.  As the ships get close, you get a target which zero’s in on the location and slows down the will-be crash if you don’t take action.   If you do crash, unlike in the original Flight Control, you get to continue up to three lives.  Once those three lives are gone, you will need coins to continue.  Coins are collected during the game either as free floating coins that need to be clicked on, or attached to ships which you are guiding.  Here is where the downside comes in.  As far as I can tell, its not possible to collect the amount of coins needed to continue multiple times.  Because of this, you will find you wont get too far in the game without in-app purchasing.

The main reason I wanted to review this game was to checkout how some iPad retina graphics look in a game.  And they look fantastic.  All other elements aside, this game provides a great example of what’s to come graphically, and what’s to come is exciting.  If you have the new iPad, I would recommend you check this game out.  It’s like a back-lit moving magazine page that you can interact with.  The colors pop, the edges are sharp and clear.  The gameplay is completely fluid.  There have been exactly zero instances of stutters, interruptions, or crashes as I have played.

In App Purchases
There are a lot of things to purchase in this one!  Coins, Bots, and Items.  Coins allow you to continue your games or buy the bots and items.  Coin prices range from a free 750 coins for a Like on Facebook, to $49.99 for 1,000,001 coins.  Bots give you in-game boosts and will level up with XP as you play.  There are a bunch of different Bots that help you do a myriad of things such as earn extra coins, gain extra lives, get a higher score, and more.  Bots also need to recharge using Batteries.  Both Bots and Batteries cost coins – see whats happening?  There are also Crystals available for purchase.  These crystals will triple the experience your Bots earn during gameplay.

Flight Control Rocket is fun, addicting, good for all ages, and really shows off the new iPad’s Retina Display.  As a universal app, you can also enjoy your purchase on the iPhone as well. The only downside I have found (and it’s a large downside), is the extensive in-app purchasing setup which at times makes you feel a little taken advantage of.  In my experience, this really ruins a game.

Flight Control Rocket retails for $0.99 and is available for download from the App Store.