First Images Of “The Daily” Leak

With rumors still pegging the launch of the new iPad news app as January 19th, the first leaked images of what it’ll look like have arisen. Unearthed on Poynter by Damon Kiesow, who went nosing around the placeholder website for the new service. By looking around its source code, he figured out a few things:

The URL for the image, named “side_ad.jpg,” was embedded in the CSS for the new website. And, a few other clues may also have been buried in the site’s source code.

A section labeled “Story Carousel” includes links to icons that seem intended to function as forward and back buttons for paging through a selection of articles.

Another part of the code, labeled “Share Links,” may indicate the availability of Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit and Newsvine article sharing options.

The appearance of social media options seems to align with earlier reporting that The Daily website would serve as an archive of tablet-first content — available for staffers to link to from Facebook, Twitter and other services.

In the “Footer” section, along with Twitter and Facebook, are links to icons for both Vimeo and YouTube.

A Javascript file included in the homepage indicates the presence of an embedded video player. But it is not clear how, or if, the publication is planning to distribute its content on video sharing sites. The app has been rumored to include significant photo and multimedia content, so it is possible some of that material could be shared more widely on the open Web.

As big of a deal as this whole shebang is, I’m still not entirely convinced that it’ll even take off to the level that Murdoch is counting on — I just don’t see young users relying on a single news source like this as heavily, when free content aggregators can pull it from a dozen sources with a dozen views.

[via MacStories, The Next Web]