Sure we’re seeing rumors of the iPhone 6, but a release date is still very far out, with typical trends suggesting fall of 2014. So if you are in the market for a new smartphone, waiting might not be the best option. The iPhone 5s is fantastic phone and retailers are sweetening the pot with some amazing discounts. We’ll update this over time, but as of now, here’s where to find the cheapest iPhone 5s deals and plans.

cheapest iPhone 5s deals


Wally-world is known for having rock bottom prices, even if at times, those are just a few dollars less than others. When it comes to the iPhone 5s, there are some ridiculously awesome deals. Brick and mortar stores are offering the iPhone 5s for $145. It’s not advertised, but we’ve heard from multiple people that Walmart sells them all day, every day at this price.

While that’s a good price, the real discounts happen when you trade in an old smartphone. Walmart will guarantee you $100 off a qualifying smartphone with a 2-year contract agreement. The standard rules apply. The phone must be in working order with no physical or water damage. I certainly would not suggest dropping on an iPhone 5, but if you have an older iPhone 3G sitting in a draw, it might be time to cash that in.

Walmart trade-in

With Walmart’s iPhone 5s pricing of $145 – $100 for the qualifying smartphone trade-in, the net price for a 16GB iPhone 5s is $45 plus tax. That’s a cheap iPhone 5s deal if I’ve ever seen one.

Best Buy

Since a few weeks back, they have been encouraging customers to sign up for a $50 Gift Card whenever you choose to upgrade. This could be today, tomorrow or when the iPhone 6 releases. The current price of the iPhone 5s remains at $199, so this isn’t the best deal. If you must purchase from Best Buy, I’d encourage you to attempt to price-match Walmart. While the price isn’t advertised, the employess at Best Buy are savvy enough to know competitor pricing. That would put the price at $145 – $50 Gift Card, scoring you a sub-$100 iPhone 5s. Not bad, not bad at all.


Who doesn’t love Target? While other stores offer gift cards, the advantage of Target’s gift cards are their flexibility. They offer pretty much everything at Target, including coffee. Target has a price cut of $20 on the iPhone 5s, bringing the 16GB model down to $179.99. Add a $50 Target Gift Card to the mix and you are looking at $129.99 out the door.

Target deals

Where Not To Buy An iPhone 5s

The Apple Store provides for a great shopping experience, buoyed by excellent customer service. That being said, they never discount iPhones. When you buy an iPhone from any authorized retailer, the phone is backed by Apple’s 1-year warranty. If you have a problem, you can still visit the Apple Store for support. So save a few bucks and score a deal by shopping at other retailers. If you need support, hit up the Apple Store.

Often we get caught up in waiting for the next big thing. With Apple, that will be the iPhone 6. If it were as easy as upgrading when a new iPhone is released, we’d all have the latest and greatest smartphones. Being stuck in a contract doesn’t always allow for fast, easy and inexpensive upgrades. If you are eligible, you have to weigh your options. What’s your current phone? Can you wait until the iPhone 6 is released? Are you comfortable with reselling your iPhone 5s in order to upgrade? All valid questions which can make deciding on when to upgrade that much more difficult. If you do decide that now is the time to upgrade, check out one the iPhone 5s deals we’ve outlined and save a few dollars.

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