Fantastical Makes Its Way to iOS

Fan favorite Mac calendar app Fantastical has popped up for iOS, and reaction to the app has been immediate and, well, fantastic. The selling point of the app is its ability naturally parse language into events in your calendar, making it easier to enter information. Either by speaking or typing, you can enter an event as a normal sentence.  For example, you can ask the app to “Schedule lunch with John on Wednesday at 12.” Fantastical manages to understand your request and enter into your calendar.

Fantastical for iOS

The app has only just launched, but reviews are already streaming in, and they’re all extremely positive. The ability to easily parse events into your schedule is a timesaver, one that is appreciated by those who are fans of productivity apps. Fantastical benefits from Apple’s reluctance to make major changes to the aging Calendar app. The developers excel at delivering a clean design, allowing users to focus on what’s most important, managing their calendar. The DayTicker function to easily see your upcoming events at a glance.

Fantastical is not a replacement for the default app. Instead it works in unison with Apple’s calendar, so you still have access to all of your events with the default app. Where this app shines is by offering a fast way and accurate way of entering events and then allowing an event view that is unparalleled.

Fantastical is temporarily on sale for $1.99 in celebration of launch, and before long should jump up to $3.99 — so if you need a new calendar, grab it while it’s hot. If you are a Mac user, the same great functionality is available to you at a slightly higher price. Both are a worthy investment that will pay off in time saved. This is the type of app that you would expect Apple to sherlock. Don’t be surprised if these features find their way into future versions of iOS or Mac OS X.

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