Fake Steve Backs Down

After the ensuing media firestorm around Operation Chokehold, Fake Jobs has called a halt to the entire operation. But, has the movement snowballed beyond his control? Enough people are genuinely frustrated with AT&T, that this might happen anyway. Fake Steve has tried to offer alternative protests now, like a shorter time period; turning your phone off for an hour; or a flash mob outside AT&T stores.

Maybe there are other, better ways of doing that. One thing that’s been suggested is that we cut the time back from one hour to just 15 minutes — so we’d all hit our iPhones at noon Pacific on Friday, and run video or whatever until 12:15. That’s not a bad idea since, honestly, who’s going to devote a full hour to this ridiculous stunt in the first place?

Another idea: We change Operation Chokehold to Operation Silent Scream — and instead of all using the network at the same time, we instead all turn off our iPhones at the same time. Drawback is, you have to stop using your iPhone, and who knows if the whole thing has any impact at all?

Another idea and perhaps the best one: Let’s form actual flash mobs outside AT&T stores and put duct tape over their mouths. Anyone up for this? Like, in San Francisco? The media is already all over this protest. They’re loving it. They know how badly AT&T sucks and apparently they want to join us in our struggle. So making this into a physical demonstration is the best way to ratchet it up another notch.

[via TUAW]

  • jarofclay73

    He’s a more of a fake Steve Jobs than I thought he was. The real Steve Jobs wouldn’t back down. :P