Facebook Testing Related Content Suggestions In iOS App

Looking at different ways to engage users, Facebook is in the process of testing suggested content to iOS users after they post a status update. The contextual content shows after a users posts and update, showing a card view that appears similar to Google Now. While Google aims to predict searches of interest coupled with information gleaned from your Gmail account, Facebook’s contextual content is looking to engage users with posts from friends.

Facebook Now

Samples posted by TechCrunch show birthday reminders, friends posts and photos that appear to be correlated. One example shows what friends ‘watched The Grand Budapest’ hotel. The contextual presentation of information could be beneficial to users who are instantly presented with friends and posts that might be directly related. Again, using the example, a user might be inclined to interact with a friend who saw the same movie or traveled to the same destination.

The test is limited and appears to be exclusive to its iOS app. With an ever increasing mobile audience, it’s not surprising to see Facebook look for ways to bring real time relevancy to their users. The true test will be whether users find the pop-up cards relevant or simply a distraction.

This would not be the first time we have seen the social networking behoth try to redefine user experience. Earlier this year, they released Facebook Paper, a highly visual way to view your Facebook news feed. The app was extremely visual, bringing a Flipboard-like experience to Facebook.

We should know the results in the coming months, provided it ends up being successful. If Facebook can nail relevancy, they should see increased enagement, it won’t be long until this feature find its way to all of our phones.

Would you like to see ‘Facebook Now’ cards post-status update?

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