We recently reviewed Facebook Camera for iPhone.  Facebook Messenger was actually released a while before their camera app but recently updated – and does exactly what it sounds like; allows easy messaging within your Facebook friend list.  The main perk here is the bypassing of text messaging.  Not everyone has an unlimited text messaging plan or is able to leverage iMessages.  When this is the case Facebook Messenger fills a gap that can save you a little money.  With a few other key features, you may choose to start using this as a primary messenger.  Join us to learn what these other key features are in our Facebook Messenger for iPhone review.

It Just….Works
Greeting you on launch (following login) will be a familiar list of conversations taken directly out of your Facebook conversations and listed in chronological order from top (newest) to bottom (oldest).  Clicking someone will resume your conversation and give a few key pieces of information.  First, dates of messages are shown to the right of each message.  While sending the message you can choose to include both your location and/or photos.  My buddy was helpful enough to screenshot what a received message looks like while location services are enabled – below.  Messaging is kept up to date almost instantly through your Facebook account.  No need to worry a conversation continued on iPhone won’t make it to your web Facebook account – it will.   Clicking in Messages works for when you have a long winded Facebook message-book to read.

Setting Settings
The settings gear in the app will allow you to choose when to be alerted by weirdly letting you choose to simple turn them off for 1 hour, or “…Until 8:00AM” Turning Alerts off can be achieved simply by logging out along the bottom of the setting screen.

New Features
Facebook Messenger is definitely not a new tool – and has in fact been around a while.  The new features add a bit of spice into the mix and we thought we’d put a highlighter to them for you.  First, message delivery is now enabled – allowing you to see who has read or has not read your messages.  It’s always nice to know if someone’s ignoring you or simply hasn’t gotten around to reading your message yet.  Location services also add a nice flavor if you want everyone to know that your messaging them from Hawaii or the Bahamas.  Typing indicator is another new feature which will show you when your buddy is typing back to you.

Though there is nothing Earth shattering in the update or the app itself, it does what it says it will – and in doing so provides a clean outlet for you to converse with your Facebook buddies.  Considerations of what device they are using is a non-issue and synchronization between web and mobile is instantaneous.  Knowing if my message has been read is nice, and so are the working push notifications I receive.  For the price of free, it’s a good app to have and I would recommend getting it (given you have a Facebook account) –  8/10.