Facebook Messenger 4.1 Update Lets You Make Free Calls Over WiFi

An update to Facebook Messenger was released today that allows users to make free calls over a WiFi network. Version 4.1 adds audio calling and follows-up a recent update that offered a number of new features including support for groups, message forwarding and overall enhancements.

Facebook Messenger

Free Calls Over WiFi Using Facebook Messenger

Free audio calls over WiFi are incredibly useful to those traveling overseas or calling internationally. Regardless of where you are calling, using Facebook Messenger, it’s entirely free. Using this feature does however require that both parties are using the latest version of the app, available free in the App Store.

Other alternatives to this app include Apple’s FaceTime. Most know the app for its video features, but it also allows for audio only calls. Skype for iPhone also allows free calls, which might be a good option if you are calling someone on a different platform.

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