Today marks the release of version 3 of the everythingiCafe Forums for iPhone and iPad app, available free in the App Store. For years, we’ve slowly built upon the existing app, offering a steady stream of improvements. The new everythingiCafe represents a completely new forum experience, one that has been optimized for iOS 7. The world’s first and best iPhone forum deserves the absolute best app and this latest release is just that, offering a fast, fluid way to interact with our iPhone community.

Forums for iPhone and iPad

The first thing you’ll notice is a new design that is anchored by an intuitive menu system that allows for expanded access to key areas including notifications, subscribed topics, participated and more.


The main forum view within each category keeps the focus on what matters most, the robust content shared by our members. Each individual forum topic provides topic starter, number of replies, time of last post and star if you are a subscriber. As you navigate through a topic, large breadcrumb buttons make it easy to make your way back.

Thread view

Thread navigation also has seen vast improvements. At the bottom of each thread is an easily accessible pagination panel, so you can jump from page 1 to 10 or anywhere in between in no time flat.


The foundation of any forum is appreciation for great, helpful content and members regularly make use of our like system. With the new everythingiCafe Forums app, tapping on a post will bring up a contextual menu, enabling the capability to ‘like’ a post.

With hundreds of thousands of posts, search is a vital component to any forum, so it’s important to have easy access. Search is available through the main menu and can also be accessed within any forum or topic by tapping and pulling to refresh.

The Forums for iPhone and iPad app also has new swipe gestures to complete actions. Swiping left on a thread enables you to subscribe to a topic, mark as read or to share through Twitter, Facebook, iMessage or email.

gesture based actions

Like iOS 7, change can be hard initially. I’m hopeful that once you spend time with our new app, you’ll find the new design a welcome change, one that ushers our forum community in what should be an exciting year in 2014.

The Forums for everythingiCafe app is available as a free download from the App Store.