Just recently, Dunkin Donuts put out their very own app.  While Starbucks has had an app out for a while, there are many people who are Dunkin fans that are now able to enjoy the same benefits.  With an option to load up your account and pay by phone, this app is sure to make your Dunkin experience even better than it (hopefully) already is.  Read on for our full Dunkin Donuts app for iPhone review to see if this app will find you paying for coffee with your iPhone or if you’ll need to continue carrying your wallet when getting your caffeine fix.

Initial Launch
The first time you open this app up, you will need to accept an agreement as well as create an account if you don’t already have one.  After that, you have just 4 simple options to choose from; Pay, Menu, Find, and Gift.

Pay / My Cards
Oddly enough, from here on out that screen is not re-accessible.  The only way to get back to it is by closing the app out completely and going back in.  That’s fine though, since the rest of the options are accessible through the next screen you’ll see.  The pay screen will take you to one of 5 new options, My Cards.  The others are Menu, Restaurants, Gifts, and more.  The ‘My Cards’ page will show any Dunkin Cards you have or present you the ability to Add one.  Clicking on the place where the card would go will allow you to enter a card number and pin.  Sliding over one space will allow you to Purchase a Dunkin’ Card.  This can be done in the following increments; $15, $25, $50, or $100.  You can also purchase in a custom increment between $2 and $100.  I was hoping the purchase would go through the Apple ID as an in store purchase, but rather it has to be manually entered under a credit or debit card.  This was surprising to me as I believe it then limits Apple’s ability to take a cut.

To actually use your card, once entered you will simply tap the card to reveal a barcode which the cashier will then scan.  I’ve tried this a few times going through the Drive-Thru.  I just held my iPhone out to the window and they scanned it.  While this was fast and painless, I can see some accidents happening where people may accidentally drop their phone’s.  Be careful!

The menu section of the app provides an easy to use navigation system broken up by Drinks and Food at the highest level, then sub navigations such as Hot, Iced, and Frozen, or Bakery and Sandwiches respectively.  Once you have an item selected, you can see a description, nutritional information, Allergy information and Ingredients.  Along the way, images of the products are shown in detailed accuracy.  Unfortunately, the all of this information except for the description will bring you to the Dunkin Donuts website instead of within the app.  Even worse, you won’t be taken to the specific item you selected, but rather the main page of the respective category.  There is definitely some work to be done there.

The Restaurants section will help you locate a nearby Dunkin Donuts.  Given that there are many, many stores, you shouldn’t have a problem getting to one unless you live in a highly remote location.  Stores can be searched for by filering on store attributes such as 24 Hour service, Drive Thru, if they sell K-Cups, etc.  Additionally, the results can be viewed in a list format or within a built-in map.  Finally, you can either have the app locate you automatically, or choose a city, state, or zip to search within.

Gifting and More
We’re not talking about gifting the app here, but rather a Dunkin Donuts card.  I enjoy being able to do this as it’s a quick way to give a close friend or family a quick gift.  The gift can be delivered through email, text message, or even Facebook!

A slew of options exist on the More screen including the ability to Like Dunkin Donuts on Facebook, follow them of Facebook, provide app feedback, FAQs and more.  A settings page which is accessible through this screen will allow you to lock the app with a Pin.

If you like Dunkin Donuts and buy coffee or other products from them often, you shouldn’t be without this app.  It provides convenience and ease of service.  I would love to see them include the Nutritional, Allergen, and Ingredient Information from within the app, and the way it’s laid out implied this is the case.  Even without this Dunkin Donuts has made me and should make other Dunkin’ enthusiasts happy.  Go get it now and let us know how it worked for you on checkout in the comments.  An 8/10 (for now)!