It’s a surprisingly common occurrence in our iPhone forums to hear a story about how someone has accidentally dropped their iPhone in water. While there is technology out there to make an iPhone waterproof, that doesn’t help you with your current mishap. So what should you do if you drop your iPhone in water?

Drop iPhone water

First things first
You might want to cry a little. That’s understandable, but once you shed a tear, you’ll need to jump into to action to prevent further calamity. The first thing you’ll want to do is to completely power down your iPhone. To do so, press and hold the power button at the top right. You should see the see the ‘Slide to power off’.

Tip: If you see the white spinning wheel, you’ll want to continue holding the home and power button until it completely powers down.

Once powered down, locate your SIM removal tool or a regular paper clip will suffice. Press in the hole to pop out your SIM or microSIM card. If you have a replacement phone that isn’t an iPhone, chances are that it uses a regular SIM card. No worries, order a microSIM to SIM card adapter from eBay or Amazon. They are small plastic pieces that convert your microSIM to fit within a phone that uses a regular sized SIM card.

Tip: Be ultra careful when using an adapter. You can easily damage the connectors on your replacement phone and make a $200 plus mistake. Take it from this author, who has managed to destroy not one, but two smartphones.

The next step is to place your iPhone in a bag of rice. This can be any brand of your preference, but do not use the 90 second bags, since they are already moist. You want dry rice, so that it pulls the moisture from your iPhone. Seal the bag of rice to remove any air. You can use a plastic sandwich bag or even a Tupperware container.

iPhone water fix

Silica gel
Another option, in leiu of rice is to use Slica Gel. Yes, the same packages that are often found in new products. They use desiccant crystals to dry flowers and these can be found at craft stores like Michael’s. These are not safe to have around if you have small children or pets.

It’s imperative that regardless of your choice of drying agent, that you get your iPhone into a bag of either post haste to being the drying out process.

Longest 3 days of your life
Unfortunately this is the extent of what you can do initially and now it’s on to the waiting game. You’ll want to wait a minimum of 3 days, allowing for the internals of your iPhone to sufficiently dry out.

Apple does not cover your iPhone if it is dropped in water. They have multiple “liquid contact indicators” in both the headphone jack and dock connector areas. If any liquid touches your iPhone, it will result in a red dot. That red dot means no warranty coverage.

Liquid contact indicator iPhone

At the conclusion of this 3 day waiting period, you can now attempt to power up your iPhone. If all goes well, it will turn on as if nothing happened. Outside of the red dot, you can put the SIM card back in and you’ll be back in action. To help safeguard against future water damage, consider picking up a LifeProof case or use a water resistant case.

Have you dropped your iPhone in water? Let us know if your iPhone met it’s untimely death or if your attempts to bring it back to life were successful.