What to do if you drop your iPhone in water

It’s a surprisingly common occurrence in our iPhone forums to hear a story about how someone has accidentally dropped their iPhone in water. While there is technology out there to make an iPhone waterproof, that doesn’t help you with your current mishap. So what should you do if you drop your iPhone in water?

Drop iPhone water

First things first
You might want to cry a little. That’s understandable, but once you shed a tear, you’ll need to jump into to action to prevent further calamity. The first thing you’ll want to do is to completely power down your iPhone. To do so, press and hold the power button at the top right. You should see the see the ‘Slide to power off’.

Tip: If you see the white spinning wheel, you’ll want to continue holding the home and power button until it completely powers down.

Once powered down, locate your SIM removal tool or a regular paper clip will suffice. Press in the hole to pop out your SIM or microSIM card. If you have a replacement phone that isn’t an iPhone, chances are that it uses a regular SIM card. No worries, order a microSIM to SIM card adapter from eBay or Amazon. They are small plastic pieces that convert your microSIM to fit within a phone that uses a regular sized SIM card.

Tip: Be ultra careful when using an adapter. You can easily damage the connectors on your replacement phone and make a $200 plus mistake. Take it from this author, who has managed to destroy not one, but two smartphones.

The next step is to place your iPhone in a bag of rice. This can be any brand of your preference, but do not use the 90 second bags, since they are already moist. You want dry rice, so that it pulls the moisture from your iPhone. Seal the bag of rice to remove any air. You can use a plastic sandwich bag or even a Tupperware container.

iPhone water fix

Silica gel
Another option, in leiu of rice is to use Slica Gel. Yes, the same packages that are often found in new products. They use desiccant crystals to dry flowers and these can be found at craft stores like Michael’s. These are not safe to have around if you have small children or pets.

It’s imperative that regardless of your choice of drying agent, that you get your iPhone into a bag of either post haste to being the drying out process.

Longest 3 days of your life
Unfortunately this is the extent of what you can do initially and now it’s on to the waiting game. You’ll want to wait a minimum of 3 days, allowing for the internals of your iPhone to sufficiently dry out.

Apple does not cover your iPhone if it is dropped in water. They have multiple “liquid contact indicators” in both the headphone jack and dock connector areas. If any liquid touches your iPhone, it will result in a red dot. That red dot means no warranty coverage.

Liquid contact indicator iPhone

At the conclusion of this 3 day waiting period, you can now attempt to power up your iPhone. If all goes well, it will turn on as if nothing happened. Outside of the red dot, you can put the SIM card back in and you’ll be back in action. To help safeguard against future water damage, consider picking up a LifeProof case or use a water resistant case.

Have you dropped your iPhone in water? Let us know if your iPhone met it’s untimely death or if your attempts to bring it back to life were successful.


  1. marygoblue says

    I did drop my 3GS iPhone in water about a year and a half ago. Gave it the rice bag treatment for a little over 24 hours and it was fine. Lasted until I got a 4S last fall and actually still works, but not as a phone, more like an iPod Touch.

    • Rockielovesyou12345 says

      Today at band practice, she i was at the bathroom, my phone dropped out of my pocket, btw its an iPhone 4, And I freaked………when I flushed I grabbed it as water was coming at my pone and hands, I was crying and screaming, that’s was at 5:25 today and so I grabbed paper towels and dried it off as quick as possible……. I didn’t know how to open it because I just got this 3 days ago. My parents don’t know, but I’m scared, I tried to turn it on several times, it got really hot when the game started and I couldn’t even touch it. Right away when I got home I looked up this post and I cried because I thought I would have a chance to save it. I got a bad of white rice and zip logged my phone in the bag tight. I looked and the lens that is on home screen is cleared and the back on is still foggy and wet. Idk where he SD card is so I couldn’t take it out. I put the iPhone in the bag about an hour ago and idk what to do. Do you have any more advice for me on how to save my iPhone and my butt.??????

      • Mark Marcus Spiegel says

        Just take the sim card out and point a hair dryer at the sim card hole. Use cold air, not warm or hot as this may heat up the guts too much and cause other problems. This cured my locked touch screen in 30 minutes.

        • tboz says

          I dropped my phone in the toilet and grabbed it out strait away panicked and put it under the hand dryer for like 30 seconds my phone shut down its self before I could turn it off and I didn’t put it in rice till about 2 hours later It has been in rice since Saturday and its Monday but I haven’t checked it as I am worried to put the charger init how long should I leave it in the rice before I try to charge it?

  2. bigdog5142 says

    Just an FYI…If you purchase AppleCare +, you DO have water damage coverage…however, the normal year warranty from Apple that comes on every iPhone does NOT cover water damage.

    HOWEVER, it can never hurt to make an appointment to talk to an Apple Genius at an Apple Store. My wife’s iPhone 4 took a swim a month AFTER her year warranty expired. We made an appointment, went in, told them she dropped the phone in the toilet, the Genius was sad with us, she went to check the serial number & came back with a replacement iPhone 4 (probably refurbed, but looked new) and we weren’t charged a dime. Now, to replace an iPhone 4 normally would cost $199…at least that’s what I was told. But…they did it for us for no charge.

    That may not happen to everyone, but it’s always worth being HONEST, POLITE and COURTEOUS while asking what can be done.

  3. Paul Klosterman says

    I stuck my iPhone in a bag of rice and it worked for about 30 days afterwards. I think something inside the phone was not completely dry and maybe started to rust or corrode. It died the night I went to a Lady Gaga concert. I used my best friends IPhone to take amazing video at the concert. Lol

  4. Cp says

    Im am freaking out.. I dropped my iPhone 3G in the toilet and I took the sim card out and stuck the phone in a bag of rice…. does it really work????? Im really scared because I can’t get a new phone until october and I have had it for like 4 years :( someone help!

  5. Alicia says

    I dropped my 3G in the toilet and did not realizing it until noticed the apple logo at the bottom of the toilet. My son told me about the rice thing for 24 – 36 hours it worked as usual. Hey the second drop was in the bathroom sink the rice thing did not work. I do believe the phone was older and had a few falls. I got to make that trip to buy another iPhone dang.

  6. Laurie says

    My daughter dropped her iPhone 4 in the toilet yesterday. I have no idea how to remove the sim card. My 4S has a spot on the side where it can easily be removed but hers doesn’t. I put it in rice overnight and now its in silica gel. I sure hope it works. I think her phone was almost dead (no charge left). So I guess I should charge it on day three before we try to power it up. When she quickly grabbed it, it vibrated then shut off on its own. Hope that means it powered down. I also looked for red water indicator but didn’t see one. Hope thats a good sign. Will let you know how it goes….wish we could get the sim card out!

  7. Huffsw says

    The rice or dessicant should be an immediate first step. The second step would be to find a heated vacuum chamber and heat the iphone to under 120 degrees farenhieght. Pull a small vacuum 25 to 35 ppm for an 8 to 24 hour period. After the time period is over then turn your iPhone on and evaluate it, It should come one slowly but gain speed back quickly to the point it was operating before you sent it on it’s bath.

  8. Tori says

    I dropped my iPhone 4 in the toilet last night (the phone in back pocket, fall out deal). It seemed to be working fine afterwards. Yes, I did the unthinkable and tried to turn it on, oops. The only damage I noticed was water on both camera lenses. I put my phone in a bowl, not bag, of rice overnight and looked at it this morning. Apparently my phone powers itself on (won’t stay shut off). The normal lens was actually good as new this morning and the flipped lens is halfway revived. Only issues that I’m still dealing with are 1. the ringer screen is always on top of whatever screen I have open (the screen when you click the side ringer to adjust it) and my phone refuses to stay shut off… It’s back in rice now.

  9. Shingie says

    Hi l dropped my iPhone 4 in the toilet .i then put it on the charger and it seemed to be working had a gone call. After the call I blow dry it while it was on the charger. After 5 minutes it just switched off. Will it ever work now its in a bag of rice

  10. Rhonda says

    My son forgot his iphone 4s was in his pocket and swam for about 10 mins before remembering. It’s been in rice for 3 gays now. I’m going to let it sit for about a week. Fingers crossed.

    • Andrew says

      hi guys. i was at a pool party and got dunked, not realizing my ipod was in my back pocket. i was probably in the water for around 10 minutes until my friend asked me what was in my pocket. i was freakin out and stuffed it in a bag of rice right away. its been five days and it wont turn on. its a complete black screen. its gets hot when its charges, good sign or bad? HELP PLEASE. MY MOM IS GONNA KILL ME IF IT DOESNT WORK.

  11. Nevada says

    I NEED SOME HELP PLZ!!! the other day i went to a small beach with my friends to go for a quick dip in the lake. so i jumped in and quickly jumped out only problem was that my Iphone 4 was in my pocket!! i handed it to my friend and she dried it off. the other problem was i lived another 20 minutes away ( we biked there) so we raced off and as soon as i got home i put my phone in a bag of rice, hoping it will work the next day. so i go to a sleepover and come back to find someone has taken my phone out of the rice and plugged it it!!! it didnt turn on wat so ever so it has been 2 days and it still isnt showing any-sign of life.
    Do u think my phone is destroyed or do u have any chance of it coming to life again??? note i wasn’t able to turn it off because it shut down before i could. please help me!!!

  12. mmiller says

    I washed my bag with my 3GS in it for about 2 min before I realized my phone was in the bag. I hope the rice thing works because other wise my mom thinks it will be a “great experience” to live without a phone until I get an upgrade (which is in like 6 months) GOD HELP ME PLEASE.

  13. Charles Brown says

    I just jumped in a pool with my 4S in the pocket of my trunks this afternoon. I realized that i left it in my pocket at some point after jumping over the side and before hitting the water so needless to say….I got out quickly. My phone acted like there was nothing wrong for a few seconds and then started freaking out. I didn’t turn it off for about ten minutes and after i did the flash for the camera was stuck on until the battery ran out apparently. My phone is going to stay in the bag of the rice for a day or so and then i will try to fire it up. Wish me luck.

  14. milad says

    hi my name is milad and im living in Finland today 29.07.2012 i went to the river near and suddenly my iPhone 4 drooped inside the water and its a really deep river and i have no idea how to take it out from the river ?????

  15. Terena says

    I’ve just dropped my iphone 4 in the toilet and it got thoroughly flushed! before I realised it had fallen out of my back pocket. Thank god for google! I looked up how to dry out an iphone and found this website. I have turned my phone off and put it in a bag of rice …but I couldn’t remove the SIM card (don’t know if it had one) plus the flash light is on and won’t turn off. Has anyone else had this problem? – and did your phone survive?

    • Shanti says

      Yes I tried it and it works. I dropped my iphone into water and i immediately dried it, took out my SIM card and placed my iphone in a bag of rice for 24 hrs and it worked. The next day I charged up my iphone and have been using it since.

    • says

      I just dropped my fone in the toilet and immediately dried it out and set it in a bowl of rice, my flash is also on and it wont turn off although its blinking as if it were to turn of but then it turns right back on, it fades then brightens. Im scared my phone is doomed :(
      Did it ever go back to normal?

      • rebecca says

        was your phone still okay cause my phone did the same and im really scared that its not going to work any more. and my phone wont turn off is it still going to be alright?

  16. Sky's Mom says

    My daughter dropped the phone in the toilet, right in front of my eyes! I’ve had it in rice since Friday. I put in on a charge and the apple appeared after about 10 minutes then the charge screen with the red part on it and it was like that for like an hour and I put it back in the rice. Was this anyone elses experience? Does it just take time to charge?

    • says

      this happened to my phone, ive only had it in rice for 2 days & i put it on charge there and it wont turn on but the charger thing is up and it looks very dull, did yours work??

    • jordan says

      i dropped my iphone 4s in a jaccuzzi and watched it go down and immediately jumped in to get it!! i was blowing in the charger part and the part where head phones go!! i was using a towel to dry it and i didnt power it because i thought it was fine but the power button wasnt working!! so the the apple sign came up and then the screen would shut off and every time i would try to turn it on the apple sign would come on as it if it were powering on!! and then the flash came on in the back!!! then finally went all back on the screen in the car on our way to get rice but the flash was still on for another 10 mins! it was 1:30 am and we ran to every store for 30 mins and finally got it into the rice! its been in their for a day and a half and ive taken it out 2 times o check on it (which i probably shouldnt have) but i plugged it in for 45 mins and it said it was dead and it wasnt charging and the power button is still not working… i tried the cold air blow dryer thing but only for about 2 mintues because i dont know how long your suppose to do it!! so its back in the rice now!!! do i have any hope of my phone working?!?! please someone tell meeeee

  17. MO says

    OMG my IPHONE just fell into a pool and went 10 feet down before I could get it back out for probably over a minute. It was amazingly still on when I pulled it out and then as another person above said it started freaking out and as well the flash light will not go out. Now I can not power it down and it is stuck on 60% battery. I wish I could power it off. It was in an otter box case with screen protector and barely seemed wet at all when I took the case off though I’m sure the speakers and jack were affected. My friend tried to call me and it vibrated even though I had the ringer on but I could not make the slider open so could not take the call to see if it worked or not. An hour later the phone is still stuck on though I managed to get the sim card out and put it in the rice and am hoping for the best. You’re right–it will be the longest 3 days of my life!!!!!! Fingers crossed.

    • camryn fields says

      my i phone 4 s got put into a vase with water and it still hasn’t worked after i put it in the rice hopefully we have good luck and our phones work :)

  18. K says

    I’ve just dropped my iPhone in the toilet. I didn’t know to turn it off ….I only had risotto rice so have transferred it to a seal box with salt in it. Do you think that’s ok?

  19. says

    Hi there! This morning I awoke to find my hand in my cup of water on my nightstand. That was not the only thing in my cup-my iPhone was in there! I had been dreaming that my phone was on fire, so I suppose I put it in my cup of water to put that “fire” out. Alas, I have now put it in a nice bag of rice per your instructions. I shall report back in 3 days and let you know how that worked out for me. Meanwhile I have posted your link via my Facebook page to help others. Thank you kindly for sharing your knowledge & experience on this subject-will let you know how it goes for me. Have an awesome day!

    AK Price Houston, TX

  20. Dabba says

    Well just washed my iPhone 4 in washer . Done everything that you have told me to do . I have only had it a week . Hope it works . Put it in rice sealed bag & sealed container keeping my fingers crossed . Will let you know if it works .

  21. Stephanie says

    this dog was chasing me and there was water everywhere so I basically fell in a huge puddle. :/ i “swam” out of the puddle and thats when i realized my iphone 4S had fallen out of my pocket. naturally, I freaked and it took me five seconds to find it. i pressed the power button and saw that it was still on, but the music that had been playing was now playing very quietly at full volume. later i tried to turn it off, but it kept turning back on, so then i put it in a bag of rice for a few minutes and the sound is working better but the keyboard is pretty messed up.

  22. Ufo says

    Hey people. I just dropped my Iphone 4 in the toilet. It was in there for a second or two so I don’t think the water go all the way in because after powering down and hair-drying it for 5 mins it seems to work fine. i think the rice method makes sense but using a hair dryer may be more effective and quick. Good luck!

  23. says

    I followed the rice my husband even bought damp rid to help with process but all I get is the apple sign. Then when I take off the charger the battery is dead. Before I read don’t put a blow dryer on it I think that’s what’s killed my IPhone.

  24. says

    my bottle leaked in my bad with my iphone it it and most of my phone okay but the verry top and verry bottom of the screen osent work its been like this for a day will iyt still work if i put it in rice now?

  25. Lauren says

    I dropped my iphone in the toilet too….i dried it off and put it into rice, but it’s still on cause it won’t let me shut it off. It flickers on and off. Does it have a chance of still working if I leave it in the rice with it still being on?

  26. says

    I dropped my iPhone 3 days ago! Completely submerged in water! I freaked out and found this article. I did everything it said, expect my phone would not power down but luckily it only had 12% battery life. Finally got to turn it on today and it worked as it had never happened. Hopefully now it doesn’t stop working. Fingers crossed. Thanks!

  27. Cassandra says

    Got a new iphone 2 days ago, last night i had a glass of tea in my lap and accidently dropped it in the cup! I couldnt believe it! I hurried up and took out the sim and out the phone in a bag of rice. ive taken it out twice today and the screen kept flickering but it wouldnt come on all the way. Hopefully it will soon though if i keep it in rice longer!!!!!

  28. Skygurl says

    My boyfriend thought my iPhone was a secret CIA spy tool recording everything he said and did (I know, I know) so he threw it into a hot mineral spring. It was on and stayed on as I watched in utter astonishment. The water was too hot for me to retrieve it but after 15 minutes I talked him into getting it out for me. I shook it violently to get the water out of it then I placed it in front of the heater vent in my truck on high for a few hours. Needless to say I assumed it was history but the next day I plugged it in to charge it up and it worked perfectly.
    The 2nd time it was submerged for over an hour vertically and water was dripping out of every orifice. I plugged the charger into it while it was still wett and watched the screen blip and fade away into darkness. The buttons didn’t work. I figured this time it was dead for sure. I even called Assurion to order a new iPhone. 3 days later, on a whim, I plugged it in and the screen came on! It works like new. Always has. I assumed the iPhone 4 was waterproof. Ha! Well, I live in Nevada and that pretty much explains it all.

  29. Lance Chea says

    2 days ago i went to a river i Ohio. there were steps that lead to the river, i was on the very last step. I pulled out my iphone 4s from my pocket back pocket and it slipped out of my hand and fell into the water. little did i know that there was another step that was under water and the phone landed on it, thankfully. i took a quick gasp in shock and, thinking i could be fast enough to throw my hand in and catch the phone before it falls to the bottom, it was another step the phone was on! i quickly pulled the phone out of the water and tried to get as dry as possible. the phone was only in the water for literary about 2 or 3 seconds. it had been 3 hours before i was abil to let the phone sit in rice. since the phne was only in the wate rfor about 2 seconds i though it’d be ok if i leave the phone in ice over night, which was about 10 hours. but as the next day went on i discovered that it would not charge. it was at 20% and i was panicking. i put it in the charger but the battery kept going down until my phone died(ran out of battery). now dont know what to do!!!! Someone Please Help Me!!

  30. Rosie says

    I dropped my iPhone 4 in the toilet last night and yes, I cried. Worked like normal afterwards but I thought it would be best if I turned it off then on again except, it wouldn’t turn back on and my indicators were red! Thinking my dad would slaughter me if I told him, I put my phone in a bowl of rice overnight in a hot area an hoped it would turn on. This didn’t happen. Since my past with phones has been outstanding for breaking them I thought my dad was a wise man to get me insurance, but he didn’t. Guess he knew this would be one to go into water! I’m now going to try the sealed bag of rice for 3 days trick, I don’t think I will cope.

  31. kelstephe says

    I just dropped mine in the toilet, ug… took the SIM card out, its in a bag of rice, but I can’t get it to power completely off. hoping that isn’t a boding of bad things to come..

  32. EldoMatt says

    Hi All,

    i dropped my iPhone 4S in toilet, I then washed it with flowing water under the tap for couple of seconds. The screen went blank and was not working. I kept it near the room heater, but nothing worked. Then I read about keeping the iPhone in a bag of rice. Though I did not believe it, I had nothing to loose. So kept it in a bag of rice for 2 days and today when I took it out, my iPhone started working. This worked for me, I am so happy.


  33. says

    My phone was working after two days in rice. Well, it wasn’t malfunctioning to begin with… just that the music player won’t play any music, but the ringer and the alarms still worked after I dropped it in a basin of water for 5 seconds. Placing it in rice, in an airtight container really works. :)

  34. Delfina says

    i just dropped my iphone is water. again. this is the second time. ugh. i imidiantly put my phone in a bag of rice. im 12. and i have had 3 iphones. if this doesnt work my mom is going to kill me. fml. pray for me.

  35. liz says

    i dropped my iphone 4 in a glass of water, then took it out imediatly. The screen was dark then it shut off. the flash light was still on. i put it in a bag of rice for 36 hours then charged it,it worked for a few hours then shut off again. I restarted it and it worked for a few minutes, then when i woke up i turned it on and it goes to the home screen but when i go to unlock it on goes off. so i just put it in the rice again. will my iphone ever work normally again?

  36. Catie says

    I dropped mine in the toilet as so many of you have. I turned it off and put it in rice overnight. I went to check it and its still on. I go to turn it off and it automatically turns on. The back camera is a bit wet and foggy and people can call me and hear me just fine but I cannot hear them. I have it back in fresh rice to sit. Still cannot turn it off though. Due for an upgrade in 7 mos.

      • AnnMarie says

        The same thing just happened to me it fell in the toilet for 3 seconds it won’t shut off it rings they hear me but I can’t hear them did yours ever work again I am not due for an upgrade for a couple of months help

  37. lydia says

    hi i dropped my phone in water and dont know what to do if the rice thing dosent work is there anything else i can do

  38. Sonya says

    I was working and while emptying a catheter bag I had my I Phone 5 in my scrub pocket. While bending down my phone fell right in the basin with the urine. YUCK! I quickly grabbed it out, and then ran it under some water to get the urine off. Grab a towel and dried it off real good. I’ve never heard anyone talk of dropping their phone in water, so I made a call to see if it worked and it did, so I thought all was well. When I picked the phone up later it was very hot and it did not work. When I got home, I googled and everything said “Do the rice treatment” All I had was Success bag rice, so I emptied 2 bags of that into a zip lock and put my phone in there for 36 hours and did a lot of praying! Charged my phone up today and everything is working just fine!!!! Fingers crossed it stays that way :)

  39. rebecca says

    i just throw my phone in a bath tub i hope this works or i will not have a phone for a long time until i can pay for a new on

  40. Veronica says

    Thank you Christopher! I, like many others, also dropped the 4 into the toilet this morning. I immediately found this article on my ipad. Christopher – please put a link on explain how to locate the sim card place on the phone as I had to look that up on You Tube). I will report back after the full three days. I also had trouble powering down, even after I removed the sim card, it kept messaging “no sim card”. I’m just hoping everything is saved and nothing is wiped out. I know about the cloud- its just my photos that may be lost, but I hope not. Anyway, I know others may be able to relate to this part – I have a 15 year old son, who was so impatient with me after I had to deal with the calamity – he could not be bothered to help me look up how to remove the sim card. Why? Because this was going to make him late for school. He is self absorbed beyond words. He wanted me to just forget about the phone since it was still working. But I knew better. Anyway, he threw a huge tantrum – cannot see beyond himself. Hubby thinks it is “being a teenager” and I’m worried that this is indicadive of a growing personality flaw. I remained calm and told him that he would have to wait the 15 minutes it took me to research this and get a bag of rice going. Anyway, I’ll report back after three days!

  41. Jan says

    I can’t get my iPhone 4S to stay powered off. After about 10 seconds the Apple logo reappears and it comes back on. No white spinning wheel. ?

  42. Ariah says

    i dropped my ipod touch 4 in the toilet and i have it in rice but i turned it on after it turned of and i am really scared…..If it doesent work i will get killed by my mom cause it was the one day i took the case off and the screen protector may have saved its life but (being the idiot i am)kept trying to turn it on before i knew not to.Is it going to be okay.

  43. pocket101 says

    I dropped my iphone5 into a pail of water. I retrieved it after about 4secs (wasn’t wearing glasses, didn’t realize it was my phone that had dropped). I quickly took tissue to wipe it off, and used cotton bud to (try) get rid of the water in any of the orifices. I then googled and saw a youtube video, played it, but no sound came on. I then saw your article and decided to switch it off, and take out the sim card. My phone seems to be working fine after the drop, just that the sound system isn’t working. Is any one out there experiencing the same thing? I have since placed it in a ziploc with rice grains as suggested!

  44. Tyler Dishmen says

    Oddly enough, I dropped mine in the toilet today. That was over 10 hours ago, and it’s still working fine apart from the water splotches on my screen. It refuses to stay off. I’m going to try the rice thing tonight, but if the phone has been working properly ( both the charger and aux port works ) is there really any point?

  45. Sam says

    Just dropped my replacement iPhone 4S into the washing bowl (the perils of doing the washing up!). Anyways, grabbed it straight away and turned it off. Dried it with a towel and used my hairdryer to dry out the ports (it was on a low heat). Now it’s in a bag of rice. Fingers crossed!

    PS Can someone tell me, how quickly does the “red dot” appear if there’s been water contact? So far I can’t see any red dot, but I’m worried it might magically appear and ruin my warranty.

  46. Yasmin says

    well my iphone 5 just fell into the toilet for like 5 -10 minutes and i got panicked did not know what to do and its been already about like 3 days and i did nothing!!! Does my iphone still have a hope??
    If not luckily i still have my guarantie (1 year)..

  47. Omar says

    Scary yet unbelievable, me and my wife had late dinner earlier together with my daughter who just turned 4 today (1/3/13) & my son, he’s 2. My daughter was watching youtube on my 3gs and dancing to a clip then suddenly I heard my wife screaming (I was feeding my son). To my suprise, my daughter fell into a drain (lucky she only had minor cut) together with my 3gs. It took us almost 5 mins to look for it, finally we found it (we saw the light from my phone). Took it out, the screen cracked and I was prepared for the worst – the end of life of my 3gs. Went back home, couldn’t find un-cooked rice, so I just leave it to dry. I didn’t remove the SIM, then suddenly it vibrated ( it was my wife – testing if I could use the phone). I only saw white screen dough, so I couldn’t answer it. Then I plugged in the earphone just to see if I could still use the phone, the handsfree works! so I told myself, at least I can still receive calls. I couldn’t switch it off. I connected it to laptop – to backup my contact (itunes can detect) but there a hissing sound while syncing, quickly remove the phone and throw it under highest speed of fan. Guess what? Few minutes later, I can see the keypad. Everything looks normal, except that I could hear anything from my external speaker n it seems like my volume button is disabled. What should I do now?

  48. Kazza says

    I dropped my phone down the toilet about 6 weeks ago. I didn’t know about the rice and just tried to dry it the best I could. It has worked fine since except that the battery life was much shorter. Tonight it died and can’t restore it. I am assuming it is water damage but I can’t believe it was such a delayed death. Anyone else had this happen?

  49. Randy says

    So I had a lifeproof case for my iphone 4 and it was in water but i guess water still got in it, and now the phone will not charge, any ideas? I have it in rice right now, and hoping that it will charge.

  50. Charlotte says

    Oh it just worked perfectly for my 4S – the three days in the rice bag seem to be good after the “my iPhone fell out ot my back pocket into the toilet” – Thank you so much for the hint! Crossing fingers that the phone will keep working…

  51. Jill says

    My iPhone 5 fell out of my backpocket and into the toilet at work today. It was only in there for about a second, and it still worked. I dried it off with toilet paper right away (it was the only thing in sight!) and shook all the excess water out. I stupidly tried to watch a YouTube video to see if the speakers still worked (they did) before turning it off and removing the SIM card. No water came out of the sim tray, so I guess that’s something… It powered on once automatically (I suddenly just got a text), and I turned it off again instantly – it’s stayed off since. Came home and filled a ziplock with rice and my phone, fingers crossed! The white dot in the sim tray was still white, so hopefully that means I was quick enough and the water didn’t go everywhere…. Y’all reckon it would be safe to turn it on again tomorrow morning, or should I wait a few days just to make sure?

  52. Zoey says

    I dropped my iPhone 4S in the toilet the other day, and tried turning it on (stupid I know ) it was a good 1 or 2 hours before I got it in rice..and has been in ever since ( 2 days). Do you think it may possibly work? Should I leave it longer? I’m a little worried

  53. Jan says

    Well, I dropped my phone in the toilet out of my back pocket just like so many others. I pulled it out quickly , and I followed these instructions to the letter. Immediately turned it off, removed the sim, and quickly put it in a bag of regular rice and sealed it and left it there for 3 days. It all came back on; however, it will not play music except through the headphones, and will not make any keyboard noises like clicks or swishes etc. It will not alert me when I get a message or email either. Not sure now if that means my speakers are ruined. I guess I’m lucky that it works at all.

  54. says

    I accidentally dropped my iPhone 5 in the toilet 2 days ago. The screen immediately went green then black. My friend put it in the sun and within two hours the screen was vaguely clear and the phone would ring. About another two hours later the phone was back to normal! What a relief as the phone isn’t insured!!! I’m using it now… Hopefully things stay this way:). Insuring it soon lol

  55. Elise says

    i was just running a bath, and my friend texted me so naturally i replied. the next thing i knew, my iphone 4s was in the bath tub. it couldnt have been in there for more than 5 seconds. i pulled it out, and put it in a bowl of rice. then i found this website and i took my sim card out. do i have to wait 24 hours, or can it be less than that?

  56. when i escape says

    Dropped my phone in the toilet. And wasn’t able to turn it off. The screen is not sensiitive to touch. The apple logo appeared. So i placed it in the bag of rice overnight. And tried to turn it on today. The battery is emptied so I shall connect it to the wall. Shall I connect it now? Is it okay to charge it now? Or it’s too early? Thanks!!

  57. Laurel says

    I dropped my phone in the swimming pool. Retrieved it and put it in a ziploc with rice and a few silica gel packs. I left it there for 3 days. When I plugged it in, it took a long time to start charging, but once it did the phone worked and I was able to send a receive text messages. However, the camera does not work.
    Any suggestions?

  58. HELP!! says

    I went 2 he toilet n out my iPhone 4 on the top of the toilet thing and I leaned back forgetting my iPhone 4 was there nd it fell in when I saw it in I quickly dried it and trended switching it on but it stayed off the rice thing never worked cause it was in for 5 days!! What shall I o my phone means the world 2 me

  59. Katelyn says

    Dropped my iPhone 4S in the toilet last night. It was in my back pocket and I had forgotten that it was. I think it was in there for about 6-10 seconds and when I pulled it out I tried to turn it on and it immediately turned off as well as the flashlight turning off and on and random intervals. Several hours past until I went home (I was at a party when my phone fell into the toilet).I took it home and looked at this page in the hopes to fix it. I took out the SIM card (Which was a bit difficult. I had to use the back of my earring and the help of my father to get it out.) but I didn’t have any dry rice so I had to wait until morning to go to the store and get some and I finally put in the phone at about 9:00 A.M. this morning. I’ll try to remember to come back and tell if it works in 3 days. It’s currently 10:26 A.M. April 27, 2013 on a Saturday.

  60. Deej says

    Dropped my iPhone 4 in the toilet last Friday [the whole slid-out-the-back-pocket-deal]. It was in an Otterbox case, with the screen protector. Before I had the chance to shut it off myself though, the screen cut off. The phone was still on, when I stuck it in a bag of rice [my grandmother actually told me about the trick], but I didn’t try to charge it or anything. I did check every few hours, which probably didn’t help, but I don’t know.

    I left my grandmother’s on Sunday night, and that same night my mom told me about some guy who fell through ice with his iPhone 4 in his pocket, and how he had salvaged the phone by sucking the water out with a vacuum and then sealing it in rice for three days. I tried to do the same. I’ve had to take the phone out and turn off all my alarms every morning though.

    Wednesday, however, the three days were up. The phone was already dead, when I removed it from the rice, but when attempting to charge it, the phone vibrated, but the screen itself didn’t come back on. I’ve currently put it back in a bag of rice. I haven’t taken the SIM card back out [the question is, should I?].

    Do anyone think there’s any hope? Is there anything more I could do to hopefully save the phone?

  61. Nwk Butterfly says

    I had my 4S in my back pocket and of course forgot all about it and it fell in the toilet! I pulled it out about three to four seconds later, dried it off and about 15 minutes had passed before I coulld get it in a airtight bowl with rice. I will let you know the outcome in 3 days……..x fingers crosses!

  62. Emme Salomeo says

    My 4s fell into the toilet today. Was able to fish it out in less than 2 seconds! Dried it out with a towel and proceeded to turn it off. It did, but the apple logo came back up. It won’t turn off! Tried to make a call, was successful. Tried to turn it off again, but the same thing kept happening. Did this for maybe 6 or 7 times. I took out the sim card, and powered it off, and it stayed off. Placed it in a bag of rice now, hoping for good results!

  63. Emme Salomeo says

    After about 12 hours in the rice bin, my phone is as good as it was. Even better! Battery life dramatically improved. The key, I believe is acting fast. If your phone gets wet, try your very best not to panic. Take it out immediately, dry the outside, and reach in every crevice with a folded up tissue/qtip/piece of paper to dry out the phone as much as possible. Turn your phone off, remove sim from the slot and immediately place it in a bag of raw rice. Resist the urge to turn your phone on, as the wet components inside might short out when it come into contact with electricity. A good 24 hours will do, but to be very sure, extend it up to 3 days. Always have rice ready!

  64. Alisha says

    my Iphone 5 was in my pocket of my pants. i put the pants in the washing machine to only remeber 5-10 minutes later it was in there!! i was soo upset :( as i quickly got it out it was fine so i took the cover off and dryed it with a towel just to make sure the water was out even though my iphone was still working. As i was drying it i heard it turn off and i was panicked!! i tryed turn it on multiple times and charging it. ive also tryed powering it up again!! nothing has qworked. I dryed it with a hair dryer and now its in a bag of rice!!! im so worried this was a $800 phone. :'( any help or suggestions?

  65. Emily says

    My iPhone 4 fell out of my pocket and in the toilet.. I tried to take it out as fast I could, It was maybe in there about 5-6 seconds. I put it in ziplock bag of rice and am now waiting. I’m not sure how long I should wait?? I don’t want to loose my pictures! I just went to a Justin Bieber concert and had all my pics and videos on it..

  66. tegan00 says

    I dropped my iphone 3gs down the toilet yesterday, I only out it in the rice aboit half 12-1pm 2day! Will it still work I sure hope so otherwise my parents will go mental this rjce thing best work otherwise im in a lot of trouble! If anyone has done the same please let me know if its ok!

  67. Sam says

    Hi. I did the rice thing, and the phone is still in the rice. 9-10 hours of the phone being in the rice bag, I left the phone on. After it, I shut it down, and put it back in the rice.

    Do you think it will affect my phone problem if I didn’t turn it off first? Please respond! Thanks!

  68. Someone says

    I dropped my iPhone 5c in the toilet, but it has an otterbox on it. Quickly pulled it out, took of the case, and dried it. It seemed to be working fine, but the speakers were fuzzy due to water. I put my phone playing music on full volume for about ten minutes then blew into the speakers, and now they are back to normal! :)

  69. Faye Green says

    Putting a celll phone in a bag of rice doen’t work at all. My daughter dropped her phone in the pool. She used the hair dryer and now it is working.

  70. Jan says

    My daughter dropped her iphone 4s in a bucket of water and didn’t tell me. She confessed the next morning and of course I told her to put in in a container of rice. It has been there two days and you can see the water on the screen but so far everything is still working. I moved it from a container to a ziploc bag and the water is still in the screen. any ideas how to get rid of it?

  71. Hailey says

    I dropped my cracked iphone in my hot tub and put it in rice… everytime I pick up the apple symbol pops up (like if it is turning on ) and then it goes away. Afew hours later, I picked it up again and the exact thing happened and the entire timethe flash light it on. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?????? PLEASE TELL ME IF MY PHONE IS BROKEN?????

  72. Brissia says

    so my phone was on the counter while I was taking a shower and now I have a water stain. will the rice work for this also or is t permanent?

  73. brianna says

    I had dropped my iPhone in the toilet & I panicked . I was shocked so it took me a while to take it out . right when it had fell into the toilet ,my iPhone shut off . my boyfriend told me to get it out & put it in a bag of rice . I didn’t know anything about this idea so I ignored him & walked into his room & was trying my best to get the water out of my phone . it didn’t want to turn on or anything . I was scared cause I been wanting an iPhone since I was in 8th grade . & I finally got one for free from my aunts boyfriends brother . I was gonna get it connected till this situation happened . anyways , my boyfriend asked me why I still haven’t put it in rice . so he decided to do it on his own . I’ve had it in a bag of rice for about 2 days & in exactly 5-6 hours it will be exactly 3 days i be had it in a bag of rice . my boyfriend took it out a few times to try it out & it still won’t turn on . he tried charging it to see if it would turn on & it still doesnt work . I’m pretty sad to see that my iPhone won’t turn on . friends say it will work but seeing that my phone doesn’t wanna turn on , makes me think , “bye bye iPhone.” I need help ! anybody wanna give me advice or tips or anything to solve this problem ? why doesn’t my iPhone turn on ? its been in rice for almost 3 days . it sucks to go back to my old phone.

  74. khaseem says

    Yesterday I dropped my iphone 4 in the tub! I picked it up in 4 seconds it turned on but turned off! ! And now the flashlight is stuck on but screen is black please help!

  75. SEHUN says


  76. Vanessa says

    I dropped my iPhone 6 in my pool it submerged completely its in a bag of rice now will it survive?

    • says

      It may Vanessa. I’d recommend you leave it for a few days. You might be tempted to power it on, but you might do more harm, than good. Give it a couple of days in the rice. I recently did the same thing with a remote and it works perfectly after a few days in rice. Good luck!

  77. Nathalie rodriguez says

    Hi my name is Nathalie and I have a iPhone 6 and I had a life proof case on but I didn’t close it right and it got wet and left a stain on the screen is there any way it can come off my mom doesn’t know and it’s new I’m scared I panicked and didn’t know wat to do so like 2 hours later I put it in rice will this work?

  78. Cory says

    I had my phone I’m my pocket all day and when I got in a pool I didn’t notice for 10 minutes I have it and rice and i just got it last month do you think it will work again

  79. Lilli says

    About 1 hour ago i dropped my phone in the bath, i straight away got it out of the water and started blowing the holes, i then dried it with a towel and ran and put it in a bowl of rice. only now have i read all this i realise that your supposed to put the rice and phone in a zip lock bag and i have done so. although while the phone was in the bowl of rice i pulled it out and tested to see if it would work so i turned up the volume, and it did that thing when you have your earphone plugged in and you turn up the volume and it says earphones instead of what it usally does. does anyone have any ideas what i should do?

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