Dream Jailbreak? It’s a Rickroll

We only just covered the Dream Jailbreak, which was set to go live on December 22nd. Alas, the entire thing has turned out to be a prank, and we don’t have an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6 — yet anyway.

What was said to be the crack was teased in the video below, and then set to be released tonight in advance of the December 22nd launch due to the uncommonly huge interest. The video looks pretty legit, and a great number of people (myself included) waited with excitement to see if this would finally be a proper jailbreak for iOS 6.

Nope, it’s a Rickroll.

Over the Dream Jailbreak twitter feed, the person behind it warned:

While I can appreciate their warnings to temper one’s desire, that’s still a bit of a dick move. The jailbreak scene has been slow of late, and you can hardly fault people for being excited about something new — especially seeing as so much of the jailbreak methodology is totally opaque to users.

Oh well, at least we haven’t lost anything by it, and no one got seriously ripped off.

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