DrawSomething review

Draw Something is a new top game for the iPhone and iPad.  The makers, OMGPOP, have hit a home run with this addicting and fun online version of turn based Pictionary gaming.  Draw Something is available as a Universal app in both Free and Paid versions.  The paid version of the game goes for only $0.99 while the free version only shows ads between rounds (much like Words with Friends). Read our full Draw Something review.

Whether your playing on the iPad or iPhone, Draw Something will provide you with hours and hours of fun and entertainment.  It is one of those games that you instantly realize is just awesome.

First, lets walk through setting up your games.  You have the option to connect with friends through Facebook, email, or username.  In addition, you can play random online folks by simply selecting Random from the Create Game screen.  You can have multiple games going at one time.

The flow of the game is simple and intuitive.  You choose from 3 options to draw, ranging from easy to medium to hard.  The harder the word, the more ‘Coins’ you receive should your partner guess correctly (and vise-versa).  Coins allow you to buy additional colors to draw with, or bombs which will remove unnecessary letters from your guessing plate.  After you finish your drawing, your partner will be notified, and watch you draw your picture like a recording line by line, color by color.  They have a letter bar (Scrabble Like) which contains the letters of the answer as well as additional, unneeded letters.  Bombs will blow away most of the unnecessary letters.  When your partner finishes guessing, it’s their turn to pick a word and draw it.  The cycle then repeats.  Part of the fun is seeing how long you and your partner can continue to guess correctly which will be shown as a streak.  When it is your turn to go, you will be notified through notification center.

Rewards/In-App Purchases
Coins can be purchased as in-app purchases for anywhere from $1.99 for 400 coins to $24.99 for 10,000 coins.  Bombs and Color Pallets can both be purchased with those coins.  Bombs range from 10 for 400 coins to 50 for 1600 coins.  Each round of drawing/guessing can yield a maximum of 3 coins.  So if you don’t plan on purchasing more coins, it may take a while to rack up enough for some new bombs, or colors.

Device Experience
I have been playing on both my iPhone 4S and iPad 2.  While both devices offer a fun experience, for obvious reasons, (bigger screen), the iPad offers a little better of an experience.  A cool feature of the game is being able to play cross devices.  This means I can play a friend whose using an iPhone, on my iPad.  Often times my friends will ask how I am so precise in my drawings, as my large version is shrunken down to their smaller screen.  In addition to taking turns on a round based format between iPhones and iPads, I can also choose to play on my iPad, then resume where I left off on my iPhone.  The initial version of the game had an issue with this, but the most recent update seemed to fix that.


This is a pretty cool idea the app developer implemented with the game.  For each match you have going, you can checkout the statistics of the gameplay with that person by clicking on stats next to their nameThis shows things like how many coins you’ve earned playing with that person, Average guess speed, average draw speed, and the coin distribution.

Draw Something is an addicting game that offers an outlet to let your creative juices flow.  It connects through Facebook allowing you to show these creative works of arts with old friends and family.  In the 2 week or so I have been playing, my Facebook list has gone from 3 of my 400 friends playing to around 75.  The game has caught on like wildfire and for good reason.  For its insanely addictive nature and at times hilarious content (depending on your friends), I highly recommend you check out DrawSomething.