“Your current wait time: 28 minutes.”

Everyone’s endured the dreaded waits on the phone to speak with customer service of some sort. But with the new LucyPhone app for the iPhone, you can let “Lucy” do the waiting for you and avoid wasting precious cell minutes listening to elevator music on hold with the electric company.

In this installment of Does it Work?, we take a look at the new LucyPhone app to see if it’s patient enough to stay on the line with customer service while you skip the wait.

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How it Works:

LucyPhone allows you to place a call to a customer service line, either by entering the number in yourself or searching the LucyPhone directory for the line you’re looking for. (Pretty much every service is already listed.) LucyPhone will punch you through after a brief message from someone sounding like she could be “Lucy,” then you proceed with entering any information or following any prompts to get you through to a waiting line or operator. Once you’ve received a waiting time, you can leave the call while Lucy stays, then the app will notify you when the wait is over and you can hop back on the call.

The Test:

Once you select the company you want to call from the directory, Lucy will ask for a callback number (your cell number), then you can tap “Start Call.” Lucy then calls you and says: “Hey, it’s Lucy. Let’s see if we can get these guys on the line. Press 1 to be connected…now connecting. Go ahead and make whatever selections you want. And remember, press ** to end the call at any time.”

The call I placed (to American Airlines, randomly) then went through to the customer service line, as it normally would. I went through a few prompts (asking for flight information and such), then when I was put on hold to wait for an operator, I pressed ** on my keypad.

The “call” I was on (from my native Phone) then switched back to the app’s home screen. After just a few minutes, Lucy called back, as promised, when a line opened up and an operator was available. No wait, whatsoever.

After the call ended, a push notification told me how long the call duration and the hold duration were. The Recent Calls tabs in the app also keeps track of details of previous calls I’ve made through the app and gives me the option to redial whenever I want.


After trying calls through LucyPhone to a few different customer service lines at various points throughout the day, the app didn’t fail me once. Though there were a few times when I used the app when it wasn’t all the necessary and actually became a bit of a burden more than a help, the times when I tried to reach a student loan company and got put on hold for 35 minutes were much helped by LucyPhone.

I could do without the ad at the top of the screen–hey, what are you going to do, it’s a free app!–and the directory could use a bit of fleshing out (multiple entries for many customer service lines that give no details on which line it actually is), the app definitely works and is well worth the price of FREE.

The final verdict? It works! Download it.

Price: FREE