Documents Suggest Apple Set To Release 8GB iPhone 5c

According to leaked O2 documents obtained by Engadget via Caschys Blog, Apple is set to release a new 8GB iPhone 5c. The new lower storage capacity iPhone 5c is reportedly launching tomorrow, priced at 509 Euros, slightly lower than the current model which is priced at 569 Euros. The color choices will be limited to blue and white, with all other specifications remaining the same.

O2 iPhone 5c

Shortly after the leaked O2 product information became available online, a bar code from the product’s packaging was also leaked.


iPhone 5c

This seems like a curious decision by Apple. If sales of the iPhone 5c are indeed lagging as many have suggested, will a drop in storage and subsequent cost benefit be enough to reverse its fortunes? It’s unclear if Apple will bring the new model to the U.S., where prices of the iPhone 5c can at times reach zero when purchased on contract.

Source: Engadget via: Caschys BlogĀ (Google Translate)

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