One of the features left out of iOS 7 was the event list view in the Calendar app. This provided for an easy way to see upcoming events on your iPhone, while looking at your monthly calendar. It had many looking for alternative Calendar apps, which for many, might still be a good idea given the vast feature set found in those apps. If you labored through the various iOS 7 updates in hopes that Apple will have heard your pleas for list view, good news awaits with the release of iOS 7.1. Yes, it is now possible to view events in month view and it works just like iOS 6. We’re moving forward, even if it means moving back.

You’ll want need to upgrade to iOS 7.1. There are a number of new features that make it a worthy software update, least of which is the increased stability and performance for older iPhones. When you open up the Calendar app in iOS 7.1, you’ll notice a new icon just to the left of the search icon. Tap on that icon to reveal the calendar events while in your monthly view.

Events list month view

When in this view, you can tap on individual dates to view events. People I’ve spoken to relied on this to help manage their busy schedules. You can see which days had events, see those events and also see which days were free on your schedule. Thankfully, this has returned, making the Calendar app more like what people loved in iOS 6.

Holidays Added Automatically

Apple now adds holidays automatically to your calendar. These are country specific and there’s no action needed on your part.

By adding the option to view to events in the month view, is definitely a nice improvement. Truth is, Apple should have never removed it. If you still feel that the Calendars app is lacking, I’d recommend you take a look at our list of the best calendar apps for iPhone. There are some fantastic alternatives.