Today we’re covering some iOS basics. Specifically, how you can deal with annoying iOS banner notifications. Notifications can be super-helpful, letting you know when you’ve received new email, a Facebook message, a direct message in Twitter or some other app that you’ve permitted to interrupt your daily workflow. Having said that, when you are working in an app, the banner notifications at the top can get in the way. If you wait a few seconds, they’ll disappear. Those don’t help in instances where you are in a public place and the notification contains information that’s better left private. If you’re like me, you’ve undoubtedly hit them by mistake and jumped to a different app. Today’s tip is easy and fun. Here’s how to dismiss notifications on iOS 7.

Dismiss notifications on iOS 7

Dismiss Notifications On iOS 7

iOS 7 and the forthcoming iOS 8 let you accomplish tasks using gestures, commonly known as ‘swipes’. When an app uses the iOS notification system, a banner will pop-up at the top of the screen. To quickly dismiss notifications in iOS 7, use your finger and swipe up from the bottom of the notification.

Dismiss notification banners lockscreen

This will remove the notification immediately, so you can get back to work (or playing games).

Will I Miss Notifications If I Dismiss Them?

Not at all. When you dismiss a notification, you are simply removing it from your screen. You don’t need to worry about reviewing it before quickly swiping up to remove it. You can access it by visiting the notifications center and here’s how
Swipe down from the tip
Tap on the ‘All’ tab
Notifications are categorized by app. Scroll to view the notification you dismissed.

Notifications are an important feature of any smartphone, but they can certainly get in the way of your productivity or task at hand. The next time you find yourself interrupted by a notification, just swipe up. iOS 7 makes it easy to quickly dismiss notifications, leaving them in the Notifications Center, allowing you to review them when time permits.