There have been no shortage of iMessage horror stories from folks who migrated to something other than an iPhone. This comes on the heels of widespread compliants and a class-action lawsuit. Earlier this year, Apple promised that a software fix was in the works. Noticed by a user on Reddit (via The Verge), Apple has published an online tool to dergister iMessage.

Deregister iMessage

The problem with iMessage had been the inability to turn it off. Even taking the proper steps to disable iMessage before switching to Android or some other platform would yield mixed results. Friends of the ‘switcher’ would see their messages kicked back, marked as undeliverable. Though the user took the proper steps to disable iMessage, Apple confirmed that it could take up to 45 days for the changes to resolve.

The web tool changes all of this and for the better. The process is the same at the onset of making the move. If you still have your iPhone, you simply have to disable iMessage. Apple doesn’t list the secondary step as necessary, but it’s unclear if anything has been done to speed up the process of removing a phone number from an iMessage account. If you no longer have an iPhone or want to speed up the process, Apple’s new webtool can help accomplish this process.

While Apple states this process should be done if you “no longer have your iPhone”, it can certainly be done if you still have your phone, but want a clean break. The process involves entering your phone number and requesting a unique 6-digit code. That code gets entered and submitted.

Calls to Apple Care were known as a quick way for people looking to deregister their phone number from iMessage. Does this new web tool provide similar, yet self-serve access? Hopefully it means faster results and a clean break from iMessage. Moving to a new platform can be a source of frustration, one that’s certainly compounded when something as basic as SMS isn’t working.