Cute Animals vs. The iPad

You’ve met Iggy, the curious cat who refuses to let that iPad snake game outsmart him. Now meet some other cuddly creatures who have been won over by Apple’s latest must-have gadget. Here are 7 Cute-Animal-Meets-iPad Videos.

Chloe the Corgi has some trouble figuring the darn thing at first, then finally just gets fed up with it.

Aptly named “IPad Cat,” this little guy looks like he’s earned a gig as a referee for the Pukk air hockey game app. He’s already wearing black and white, anyway.

The video creator here says “Cat Likes iPad,” but it looks to us that he’s just trying to figure out how to turn the volume down.

We don’t care what this guys says: Schmitty is clearly bored with the device and cannot be bothered with it any longer. (Wait for the second generation, Schmitty. It’ll get better, we swear!)

Chloe isn’t amused either, but she sure is cute. (And how about the shiny reflection in the iPad screen, eh?)

When memes collide: The OMG Cat reacts to the iPad keynote and introduction.

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