One of the apps which saw major UI changes with iOS 7 was the Reminders app, an incredibly useful app for making to-do lists and reminders of things you need to get done. Thanks to the magic of iCloud, the Reminders app syncs across all of your iOS devices, so your lists are always up to date. We’ll help you get started with creating reminders, how to schedule items and more.

Create reminders iPhone

When you first enter the Reminders app, any existing lists you have will be shown in a tab format. Within each list is where your reminders specific to that group exists. For example, I have reminders setup for Groceries, Costco, Target, etc. My reminders are specific to those lists. To create a reminder in iOS 7 on your iPhone, tap on the ‘+’ sign to create a new list.

  1. Enter the name for your list
  2. Tap on a color of your choice
  3. Tap on ‘Done’

Create reminders on iPhone

You should have a completely empty list. Let’s fill it with a few reminders.

  1. Tap on the first line. A cursor will appear and start blinking.
  2. Type in your reminder. For this example, let’s ‘Remember to pick up milk’.
  3. Tap on ‘Done’

To create multiple reminders, simply tap on the next row and start typing. Those are the basics of creating reminders on your iPhone. While this acts as a useful list, you have to open the app and enter the list to be reminded. Nothing we’ve done yet will actually remind of us an important task.

Let’s look at the advanced options related to reminders. Tap on the reminder we created to ‘Remember to pick up milk’. Now tap on the ‘i’ symbol to get details for that task.

Reminders detail

If you toggle the ‘Remind me on a day’, you can set an alarm for your to-do item. The app allows you to set date, time and whether you would like to repeat daily, every week, every two weeks, every month or every year.

Reminders time notify

The ‘Remind me at a location’ is helpful if you want to be reminded the next time you are at a location. You can set locations or use one from an existing contact.

As you start creating reminders, these lists can grow rather quickly. Within each task, you can set priority levels, so that the most important items are listed at the top of your lists. Using my example, let’s say I had originally created this item under my Groceries list, but I have plans to visit Target. In the details section, I can select ‘List’ and move it to my Target list. Given the small screen size, there isn’t a ton of room to write when creating these tasks. The ‘Notes’ section is useful for adding information specific to a reminder.

How do you mark a reminder as completed? Within your list view, tap on the circular box next to a completed item.

Mark reminder as completed

The Reminders app is a great way to create lists. Reminders can be shared, setup to be location based and notify you on a date & time that you select. It’s a simple, yet extremely effective way to stay organized using your iPhone or iPad.