Growing up, board games were always a good way to have fun as a family. You’d reach up to the top shelf of a closet and pull down boxes of classic board games. With each successive game, it seems like some piece would go missing, sending family members into a frenzy trying to find the ‘dog’ in Monopoly before the game could start. While the lure of vintage gameplay sounds attractive, you can have the same if not more fun with those very same games, but on the iPad. No more looking for missing pieces or ‘questionable’ gameplay by those who have a creative interpretation of the rules. Here are some of the best classic board games for iPad.

Classic board games for iPad

The Game of Life

Everyone has a favorite and for me, it’s The Game of Life. The challenge is to manage your money throughout different parts of your life. Face challenges like babies, houses, night school and unsuspected surprises. The goal here, like in real life, is secure your financial security by the time your retire.

Game of Life

This being an iPad version, you can expect interactive animations in a 3D world, customizable characters and tracking through the The Game of Life Journal.

Pass n' Play

The classic board game only allows for 2-4 players, but the iPad version allows for up to 6 players in Party Play.

Download The Game of Life ($4.99)

Scrabble for iPad

Fancy yourself a wordsmith? Put letters together and build words. Using tiles on the board, you can score double and triple letter points by extending words over bonus tiles.

Scrabble for iPad

There is a pass ‘n play mode, making it great for game night with friends or family. If you are looking to hone your skills, a ‘teacher’ feature can help guide you by showing you the best word after each turn.

Download Scrabble for iPad ($4.99)


Do board games get more classic than Monopoly? You make your way around the board, buying and selling real estate. Collect properties of a certain color, so that you can start building hotels and charge booku bucks to stay at your facility. Chance cards and community chest offer up both good and bad outcomes.

Monopoly iPad

This version has three exclusive modes: Tabletop or Teacher. You can play up to 3 players on one iPad or if you have multiple devices, you can can connect your game over your WiFi network or head-to-head using Bluetooth.

Monopoly connect iPhone iPad

Plus, as voted by the legions of Monopoly fans, you can be the ‘cat’ token.

Download Monopoly ($6.99)

Game Room

If you are looking for a low-cost app that has plenty of value for your board gaming dollar, Game Room might be for you. You’ll find eight game for less than a buck. Checkers, Reversi, Halma, Go, Mancala, Tafl, Atari Go and Cups!

Game Room iPad

There’s not a lot of fluff here, just wonderfully rendered versions of the classics.

Download Game Room ($0.99)

Ticket To Ride

Travel cross-country in a train adventure that requires you collect and play matching train cards. In Ticket to Ride, you have to claim railway routes. The player who can build the longest railway between two cities. The iPad version includes classic artwork from Alan R. Moon, who is considered to be among the premier designers of board games.

Ticket to Ride

Ticket To Ride has won all sorts of awards and critical acclaim. The pass and play mode allows up to 5 people to compete. In-app purchases are available to expand gameplay to USA in 1910, Switzerland, Europe or Asis.

Download Ticket To Ride ($6.99)


Shake, Score and Shout! The classic dice game modernized for the iPad. Exclusive to iOS, you have to roll dice for scoring combinations, to get the hightest score. On each turn, you have up to three rolls, selecting which device you want as ‘keepers’.


You can choose from classic mode or the head-to-head duplicate rainbow mode. Yahtzee has been certified by GLI ensuring random dice rolls.

Download Yahtzee ($4.99)


Can you spot thing fast? In this iPad adaptation of Pictureka, players need to spot hidden objects that are obscured by all sorts of cartoons. The key to winning is being fast and furious, hunting for items.


It’s all played out against up to 3 opponents, with support for pass n’ play. Those who find items the fastest will score big.

Download Pictureka ($4.99)

These classic board games for iPad definitely cost more than your typical app or game. If you were to compare them to the price of the actual board game, there is some significant savings by opting for the app. Board games can retail upwards of $30. For that price, you can enjoy all of the above games and you’ll never worry about missing pieces or that crazy uncle who re-writes the rules with each roll of the dice. Most of the games offer unique added features that enhance gameplay. They all support multiple players, making them the perfect for game night with friends and family. Just make sure you’ve got a good case on your iPad before starting a pass n’ play game.

What’s your favorite classic board game?