Regardless of which iPhone 6 you’ve bought, it’s going to be a big time upgrade from your old iPhone with its dainty, but cute 4-inch or less screen. These phones have massive displays, which should provide for a more immersive experience. This being the year where Apple has made major changes to the iPhone, some case makers are a bit behind, so your favorite case manufacturer may not have cases available on day one, when you first crack the plastic and unbox your new phone. While you wait for a Speck CandyShell, LifeProof, (insert your favorite case), you may be inclined to tempt fate and go case-free. If you’re looking for the peace of mind that comes with having some level of protection, there are a good number of cheap iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases.

Cheap iPhone 6 cases

Drops can happen at any moment. Take this video of the first iPhone 6 sold in Australia. Ouch!

Cheap iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Cases

Most of the manufacturers below have versions of their case available for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. Not unlike stock of the iPhone 6 Plus, there are more limited options when it comes to accessories. Before we start, I’m going to define cheap as a case that costs less than $15. The iPhone 6 starts at $649, so skipping a few lattes at Starbucks to protect your phone, seems like a fair investment.

Spigen Air Cushion

Spigen is a recognized manufacturer and the Air Cushion is among their Ultra Hybrid Series. It combines a bumper case with a clear back panel. The edge uses a combination of TPU and polycarbonate. It features a 0.8mm lip on the bezel, so it’ll retain the slim form factor, but also help with preventing your screen from possibly getting scratched. They offer six colors, with colors that work well with either the silver, space gray or gold models. I ordered on in mint, which should look great with the white/silver iPhone 6.

Spigen Air Cushion

You can pick up this case $11.99 for either the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

Spigen Air Cushion: iPhone 6 $11.99

Spigen Air Cushion: iPhone 6 Plus $11.99

Spigen Perfect Fit

If you looking for minimal everything, including price, the $10 Spigen Perfect Fit might be a good fit for you. A hard case that’s constructed of polycarbonate, it is designed to be form fitting and slim. If you’re a fan of crystal cases, that option is available. In addition, they offer a number of different color options including mint, shimmery white and for fans of matte finish cases, a smooth black option is available for an extra $1.

Spigen Perfect Fit

This case will run you $10 or $11 for either the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

Spigen Perfect Fit: iPhone 6 $10

Spigen Perfect Fit: iPhone 6 Plus $11

Caseology Slim Fit Skin Cover

Caseology, formerly known as Mercury, are great case options if you are looking for a loud, fun color. Their TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) constructed cases find themselves somewhere between silicone and harder plastic cases. A while back, we reviewed a similar case and found the ‘gummy feel’ similar to the much more expensive Speck CandyShell. These are slim fit, with all of the cutouts accessible. Current colors include black, turquoise mint, hot pink, pink, lime green and white. Early reviews from those who got a head start on order their cases are very positive, though the true test will be the fit and not just the finish.


The Caseology case won’t break your bank account, available for just $7.99 with free shipping.

Caseology: iPhone 6 $7.99

Pre-orders for the Plus case are just $6.99, but it’s not available until October 3rd.

Caseology: iPhone 6 $7.99

i-Blason Dual Layer Prime Series Holster

You want protection, even at the cost of adding bulk. As the parent of a toddler who has yet to fully understand the value of electronics, having a bulky protective case is the best defense. So while you wait on the latest from Otterbox or Lifeproof, you may want to consider this cheap dual-layer case from i-Blason. Sure it looks like it was ripped out of a Transformers movie, but this isn’t all about looks, you want to protect your iPhone 6 should it meet pavement or other awful outcomes. This two part case combines an absorbing silicone inner-sleeve with an impact resistant hard shell. Add to that, it comes with a side-mount holster.


Serious protection doesn’t always have to come at a premium. i-Blason sells their Prime case in three colors for $9.98. Note, they’ll bang you for $5 shipping, but that still keeps under the $15 mark.

i-Blason Prime: iPhone 6 $9.98 Plus $5 Shipping

Supcase Super Heavy Duty

It’s hard not to laugh just a little bit when you read the title of this case on Amazon. It reads like a run-on sentence of features. But that’s the point, the Supcase promises to be water resistant, dust and shock proof. Now when they say resistant, this isn’t a LifeProof, nor can you go swimming with it. Matter of fact, I don’t know if I’d trust my iPhone 6 Plus to any sub-$15 case in the water. But if you are looking for serious protection for your iPad nano phone, the Supcase comes with a dual layer design that combines a hard shell with flexible TPU. It also has a built-in screen protector on the front.


It comes in three colors, all designed to match Apple’s designs. You can choose from Glacial Silver, Amber Gold or Space Gray. The Supcase retails for $13.99. A $4.99 shipping charge puts it slightly above our designation of a cheap case, but I wanted to include the cheapest heavy duty protection, since there is no Otterbox for the iPhone 6 Plus yet.

Supcase Super Heavy Duty: iPhone 6 Plus $13.99 Plus $4.99 Shipping

What case are you picking up for your iPhone 6? We offer an iPhone Cases and Accessories forum, where you can discuss the latest cases available for the new iPhones. Get feedback, share your reviews and more.