Do you have plans on picking up an iPad Air? The thought of dropping $500 plus on the new iPad might have you a bit leery about spending another $50 plus on a case, which is what Apple gets for their Smart Case. A less expensive Smart Cover can be had for $39, which does little in the way of protection.

Cheap iPad Air cases

The Moko iPad Air case comes in 12 colors or you can select from a few prints. It features a premium (well as premium as you can get for $5) leather exterior and a microfiber exterior. With magnets in the top flap, it has Smart Cover features like sleep and wake when the lid is opened or close.

Moko case

Shipping is $4.98, just a penny shy of the cost of the case. All in all, it’s $10 for a case that has seen positive reviews for previous generation iPads.

If you feel like breaking the bank, you can raise your expenditure another dollar, opting for the Moko iPad Air Slim-fit case with stand. The same case for previous generation iPads has earned a rating of 4.5/5 stars, with almost 1800 reviews. This model seems to lose the garish stitching of the other model and more people have been selecting this over the other Moko case.

Moko Slim case for iPad Air

Supcase has a slim hard shell case, which should have appeal to those looking for more of a book case. Previous cases had almost 400 reviews, also with a 4.5/5 stars. It has an elastic keep the iPad secure. Like the others, the iPad Air gets secured using clips. The Supcase offers multiple viewing angles. The Supcase sells for $17.99.

Suppcase iPad Air case

If you are looking for the definition of a cheap case, you need to be looking at the Poetic Slimline case for iPad Air. It’s priced at a penny. I have this case for my iPad mini and it’s not too shabby. Considering it’s basically free, discounting the $4.95 for shipping, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal.

Poetic iPad Air case

If you don’t mind waiting a few days, the INVELLOP Black Leatherette case cover for the iPad Air is availble starting on November 5th. Our friend Patrick at iPadInsight had this to say about the Invellop for iPad mini.

This is just a superb case. It’s not a superb $15 case for the iPad mini – but a flat-out excellent case at any price. As I mentioned above, I liked this case lots right from the off and it has quickly become my favorite and will be very hard to knock out of that spot.

The Invellop for iPad Air is slightly more expensive at $19.99, but still has all of the sounds of being a good value.

Invellop case

These all have the appearances of being good quality cases. Our reviews tend to be hyper-critical and we do not offer recommendations without having properly testing a product. Without testing them, we cannot recommend the cases above based on our hands-on experience. I can say that these do meet the cheap case criteria, with some costing as little as a penny. Whenever you pay less than $10 for a case, there are some risks, but those are significantly diminished given the cost.

Picking up a cheap iPad Air case isn’t the worst idea. For one, it offers you protection from day one (or as close as you can get). It also offers you a chance to shop around and read reviews before investing in an expensive case. For some, these cases will last you the life of your iPad Air. If you do pick up one of these cases, go in with low expectations. If it protects your $500 iPad Air, even for just a few weeks,  I’d say that’s money well spent.

What are you case plans for your new iPad Air?